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Your Voices Should Count ~ #SpeakerShowdown is underway in the #Txlege

By Ray Myers

 Texas House Speaker Showdown
Our elected officials at the state level are discounting your voice. They only listen to you at election time when they need your vote. It is time for that to change.
Make your voice heard by contacting your State Representative and voicing  your opinion about the upcoming Speaker of the House election in Austin.
On January 8, your State Rep will cast the most important vote during the entire legislative session. The election of the Speaker of the House will set the agenda for the legislature. The Speaker and his committee selections will determine what legislation passes or fails. This includes the state’s budget, school finance, transportation, immigration, health and human services, and natural resources.
We need a Speaker who reflects the core values of Texans. Let’s keep Texas strong by electing a strong Speaker. Tell your State Representative to vote for David Simpson for Speaker.
A Great new site has just been launched to make it very easy to find out who your State Rep. is and how to contact them.  Click here see the report-then email or call your State Rep. 

Speaker Joe Straus

To reinforce the message that electing a significant margin of conservative House representatives signals voter expectations of conservative House leadership, WomenOnTheWall.org has released Texas Speaker Showdown II – WE’RE BACK! video follow-up to the 2010 Speaker Showdown theme. “Conservative House Speaker Or Your Seat.”

If you are ready to take a stand call your State Representative today  Click here to do just that. Tell them to vote for the most Conservative Candidate in the Race for Speaker; David Simpson and then join us in Austin Jan. 7th and 8th.

Click Photo for more details.

Knowledge is Power and together we can make the difference!!

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