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Writer’s Workshop by Award-Winning Novelist Sarah A. Hoyt

Award-Winning Novelist Sarah A. Hoyt

It’s not politics that changes politics. It’s culture that changes politics. –Andrew Brietbart

There’s a Book in You and It has to Come out:
From Glimmer. To Idea. To Book.

Learn how to compose and market your fictional works from Sarah Hoyt, a tireless champion individual liberty and cultural dynamism. 

September 30 through October 2
Bedford Public Library
2424 Forest Ridge Drive
Bedford TX  76021 


More Details here:


Cost: $125, $100 if registered before September 1.
Register early and Sarah will accept up to 5,000 words of your creative work for review.
Send submissions to sahoyt1962@gmail.com

All proceeds benefit the Bedford Library Friends, a community-based volunteer library organization. 

Born in Portugal, Colorado-based novelist Sarah A. Hoyt has emerged as one of the premier authors of contemporary fiction. Her novel Darkship Thieves captured the 2011 Prometheus Award presented by the Libertarian Futurist Society. 
Prometheus Unbound

Her works include the 
Shifter Series
Magical British Empire
Musketeers Mysteries 
Refinishing Mysteries

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