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“Women On the Wall” National Security Pledge ~ I Pledge to STAND On the WALL

I Pledge to STAND On the WALL with Women Across America~ 

Click Photo to Join Women all across the nation to STAND!

WomenOnTheWall.Org Pledge is motivated by a single issue: National Security threats that face our nation both foreign and domestic. The Obama Administration has gone out of its way to create a security environment that threatens America and allies such as Israel for future generations to come. Based on polling provided by Secure America Now in battleground states women consider national security a “High Priority” yet the Romney and RNC narrative on national security is still lacking, if they cannot we must in order to get Romney elected. 

Women On The Wall will fill that vacuum with a powerful, call to action for Women across America to come together to form a wall of security around our Nation to protect our children and grandchildren. “Women On The Wall” is where women all across America will unite and pledge to educate ourselves and others on the serious national security threats our nation faces. We pledge to educate fellow Americans to insure that we will not fall prey to elected leaders and Administrations that do not have America’s best interest at heart. We will ask women to Join with Us and take their place on the Wall and help secure and save America for generations to come.

1. Do You Pledge to take time to educate yourself on the serious national security threats our nation faces so that we can protect our country for future generations?

2. Do You Pledge to share information you find about National Security threats America faces with your friends and neighbors?

3. Do You Pledge to ask other women of all faiths, colors and political backgrounds across America to join us on the wall?

Why is the Narrative so Important?

This is the one issue that can bring women of all faiths, colors and political backgrounds together to fight for America. This is not a Republican issue or a Democratic issue it is an American issue.

Obama is fundamentally changing the safety and security of America and our allies to an extent we may not recover from unless he is removed from office. In order to accomplish that the American people must be educated on the issue of National Security and the threats we face.

WOMEN must STAND together now and demand a safe and secure nation for our families to live and thrive in. 

Click Here to Stand with us to protect our children, America’s founding principles, and our sovereignty. 


Knowledge is Power and together we can make the difference!!  

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2 Responses to ““Women On the Wall” National Security Pledge ~ I Pledge to STAND On the WALL”

  1. politicaljules Says:

    I disagree with this site. I am standing with Mitt. Not with you who appear to be against Mitt.

  2. Alice Linahan Says:

    Julie, I think you must misunderstand. The whole purpose of this site is to educate people on the issue of national security so that people will vote for Mitt Romney over Obama. The only way to do that is to bring people of all political backgrounds together on the issue of National Security to take Obama out of Office.

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