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Why Marriage Should Remain Legally Defined~One Natural Man and One Natural Woman Only

Why Marriage Should Remain Legally Defined

as One Natural Man and One Natural Woman Only

Christopher Corbett

Texas SD12 GOP Delegate

Co-Author, Answers to the Gay Deception 


  1. Families are the foundation of any nation or civilization.  When families are unstable, nations are unstable.
  2. As an institution, marriage is the foundation of the family.  When marriages are unstable, nations are unstable.
  3. Any government, including federal, has an essential duty to protect such a critical foundation.
  4. Thus, government has an essential duty to decide which relationships can be legally   defined as marriage for civil purposes. 
  5. Only unions of one natural man and one natural woman have exhibited the intrinsic stability necessary to qualify for such a legal definition of marriage.

A.    Decades of peer-reviewed medical and sociological studies and data disqualify gay, polygamous, polyamorous (communal), and other relationships as being intrinsically unstable.

Note: The overwhelming testimony of secular science shows that gay relationships exhibit rates of infidelity, mental health problems, physical health problems, and other issues that far exceed heterosexual relationships.  Many gay researchers and writers admit this problem themselves.  Such problems are worse per capita in locations where gay people have more government and cultural affirmation; affirmation appears to harm them.

B. Thousands of years of history coincide with these studies.

C.  All major religions support this conclusion.

D. Biology and physiology support this conclusion.

Therefore no relationships other than one man-one woman should  qualify as a legally defined marriage.  Government has a duty to recognize and exclusively sanction the proven cornerstone necessary for the nation’s well-being.


The stakes for marriage just got higher this week. Want to help? Here’s how you can do your part to protect marriage in 4 crucial states! http://www.nomblog.com/22733/
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As we enter this important election year, our voices must unite in defense of preborn American citizens who cannot defend themselves. Please join the movement, sign the petition, and Rise Up for Life.




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