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“Why Choose Ted Cruz Over David Dewhurst for U. S. Senate?”

By Donna Garner

Photo Courtesy of Ramparts360 ~ The Dewhurst Record: A Litany of Stumbles, Fumbles and Interference

David Dewhurst is the Lt. Governor of Texas and is the chair of the Texas Senate.  He is running against Ted Cruz for the U. S. Senate seat vacated by Kay Bailey Hutchison.  

As the chair of the Texas Senate, David Dewhurst’s responsibility is to appoint the committee chairs and committee members of the Senate. By looking at the ratings of the people Dewhurst appointed during the 82nd Legislative Session, it is obvious that there was a deliberate attempt on his part to keep conservative bills from gaining momentum.  

The only conservative bills that were passed were done so “in spite” of David Dewhurst and Speaker Joe Straus.  I addressed my concerns in my article dated 8.8.11 (republished on 4.27.12) entitled “Dilemma for Texas Voters” –

At the Texas Republican Convention in June, Dewhurst bragged about the conservative bills that he got passed into law. However, the real truth is that most of the conservative bills were bottled up in committee until the very last minute because Dewhurst hoped they would die.  

The anti-groping bill (SB 29) died because David Dewhurst adjourned the Senate early; the House refused to accept SB 29 as it was worded without there being a chance to negotiate the terms with the Senate.  

On the Sanctuary Cities bill (SB 9), the House passed it; but the Senate kept it bottled up in committee during the regular session. When it was finally voted in committee, the vote was 19-12 not to send it to the Senate floor for a vote.   

It was Gov. Perry who put Sanctuary Cities on the Special Session agenda, and the Senate passed SB 9 almost at the end of the Special Session. Unfortunately, the House did not allow SB 9/HB 9 out of the state affairs committee; and the Sanctuary Cities bill died.   

Bottom line:  Neither the anti-groping nor the Sanctuary Cities bills became law because David Dewhurst refused to exercise leadership on these two important issues. Dewhurst also made sure that the redistricting maps were deliberately drawn so as to oust conservative leaders (e.g., Gail Lowe from the Texas State Board of Education, Rep. Wayne Christian, Rep. Leo Berman, etc.).   

Dewhurst is a RINO (Republican in Name Only) or as theHouston Chronicle editorial board stated on 5.15.12, a”moderate”— not a “conservative” as Dewhurst likes to portray himself in his campaign ads.  

Recently major news sources have revealed that Dewhurst has taken campaign donations from a prominent Texas family who purchased and boarded horses for the Mexican drug cartel.  This led one savvy Texan to comment, “While there’s a lot of tainted campaign money flying around out there, I’ll bet this is the only tainted money (at least trackable tainted money) in any state campaign that can be tied to the Zetas, a Mexican drug cartel that is responsible for beheadings.”  

David Dewhurst is a wealthy elitist millionaire whose personal life displays arrogance and a lack of principled values.  Dewhurst — if allowed to represent Texas in the Beltway — would quickly side with the left-leaning, gutless politicians who would refuse to repeal and replace ObamaCare.  

Ted Cruz is our choice for the U. S. Senate largely because he has been fighting for conservative, free-market principles all of his life.  He has a great legal mind and was the Texas Solicitor General from 2003 – 2008.  Cruz is now an appellate lawyer — a lawyer who argues to courts of appeals and helps ensure that U.S. law is properly applied.  He works for an international law firm that has 1,200 lawyers all over the world.  

In contrast, David Dewhurst is not an attorney but instead is a left-leaning politician. The Wall Street Journal has described him this way: “…as a statewide elected official for 15 years…his tenure has been consistently marked by being a conciliator, by sitting down with every Democrat in the room and cutting the baby in half.”   

Conservative all over this country believe that right now with all the pending lawsuits and executive orders filed by Obama and the Justice Department, we are going to need Ted Cruz and his judicial knowledge and experience to help divest our country of Obama’s leftist influence.  

These are some of the respected individuals (and organizations) who have endorsed Ted Cruz for the U. S. Senate:  

Cathie Adams (President of TX Eagle Forum) is very much against the Communist agenda, the U.N. and Agenda 2), and she has personally endorsed Ted Cruz.  Other notable endorsements are David Barton (founder of WallBuilders), Dr. James Dobson (founder of Focus on the Family), Tim Lambert (founder Texas Home School Coalition), Kelly Shackelford (founder Liberty Institute), Michael Farris (Chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Assn.), Senator Rand Paul, Judge Paul Pressler III, Young Conservatives of TX, Family Research Council, Concerned Women of America PAC & many more. (http://www.tedcruz.org/endorsements/ )  

To learn the facts that discredit David Dewhurst’s media ad regarding Ted Cruz v. China tires, please go to the following link:  http://www.tedcruz.org/dewhursts-china-lies-get-the-facts/  

Another recent issue that has arisen in the news involves Ted Cruz having accepted campaign donations from the gay billionaire who founded PayPal, but now it has come to light that for years David Dewhurst relied on a gay political consultant.  

Cruz has made it very clear where he stands on gay marriage: “I strongly support traditional marriage between one man and one woman.”  

Dee Dee Rowland commented today about the meeting held last night in Willis, Texas, by the Montgomery County Eagle Forum (MCEF) of Candidates.  Approximately 250 people were in attendance to hear U. S. Senatorial candidates Ted Cruz and David Dewhurst share their ideas. As usual, David Dewhurst did not show up; but Ted Cruz did:  

Dewhurst, as usual, sent a surrogate former Senator Mark Richards who was well received by the audience.  He profusely proclaimed his love of Dewhurst, replayed his own career for the reminiscence of the audience and then made excuses why Dewhurst was not there.  Apparently, Dewhurst’s business requires all of his time and he is too busy to travel around the State.   It is unknown who will be his surrogate should he be elected to the Senate.  

Ted Cruz on the other hand brought his message to the eager audience of the MCEF and drew applause after applause for his position and ideas for solving illegal immigration.  Ted highlighted his career of protecting the sovereignty of Texas and the United States. He reiterated his strong vow to keep fighting for our sovereignty from any source that tries to take it away.  Ted received loud applause from the audience for showing his strength and resolve in these critical issues.  

Ted addressed immigration in detail, the economy and Obama Care. Ted was very clear that security of this country is based on our border security. Border security effectiveness requires a secure fence, tripling of the number of border patrol agents on the ground, the use of drones and boats.  Again, he drew a hearty round of applause.   

Ted’s position on ObamaCare is that he will fight to repeal it from his first day in the Senate.  He has the skill set needed to do just that.  

People who came not knowing Ted walked away knowing Ted Cruz and what he will do in the Senate.  His style is very open, honest, natural and unpretentious; just like he is.  

Here are links to informative articles and websites that give in-depth information about Ted Cruz: http://www.tedcruz.org/home/





 Many people who actually work with David Dewhurst in the Texas Legislature do not like him and have made the following comments as reported by the media: “People hold him in no regard. Not high. Not low. No regard…He’s never shown himself to be knowledgeable…He’s just inept…He’s weird…He’s aloof and off-putting…He is stiff and joyless…He’s a fake.”


David Dewhurst went to Lamar High in Houston, attended the U. of Arizona, and went into the Air Force for a brief time in 1971.  He then started working for the CIA in Bolivia during a coup operation.  

When Dewhurst quit the CIA and came back to Texas, he established his oil and gas company (Falcon Seaboard) during the big energy surge in Texas. This helped him to be able to borrow enough money to build several power plants, buy a 42,723-acre ranch near Sonora, a 3,000- acre ranch in Colorado, another ranch in Nebraska, and a ranch in Fredericksburg where Dewhurst breeds quarter horses and cattle.  

In 1995 David married a model — a “trophy wife” named Tammy Jo Hopkins  — who was 18 years younger than he was.  She had been Miss Teen USA and spent money loosely.  David and Tammy’s credit card bills were said to have reached $50,000 each month; and the elitist couple bought a 13,000 square-foot mansion in the River Oaks section of  Houston, a condo in Santa Fe, and an elaborate house in Pemberton Heights in Austin.  

With all that wealth came alcohol problems; and in 1999, while Tammy was driving her new Mercedes, she crossed the center stripe, hit an elderly couple, was charged with driving while intoxicated, was fined $1,200, served one year of probation doing community service, and filed for divorce from David Dewhurst.  

In Feb. 2009, Dewhurst announced that he planned to marry former Tex. State Senator Teel Bivins’ ex-wife, Patricia Hamilton “Tricia” Bivins.  

Later in the same year (Oct. 2009), Teel Bivins died at age 61 of Progressive Supranuclear Palsy.  He had been diagnosed with the disease in 2004 while he was the Ambassador to Sweden, appointed by President George W. Bush. 

[When Sen. Teel Bivins became the Ambassador, Kel Seliger took Bivins’ place in the Senate.]

Tricia and Teel had one child, Carolyn, who was close to five years of age when David Dewhurst and Tricia married. 

The order of events seems to have been — Dewhurst divorced his first wife; Tricia divorced Teel Bivins; Tricia married Dewhurst; four month later, Teel Bivins died.


During the 1990’s, David Dewhurst gave half a million dollars to the Republican Party and to GOP candidates who responded in kind to support him in his race in 1997 when he ran for the General Land Commissioner.  Dewhurst spent $4 Million of his own money to win the race.

In 2000 while at the General Land Office, he had a public feud with Republican Comptroller Carol Keeton Rylander in which she said he owed the state $1 Million in taxes for luxury items that he had imported from other countries.  

All sorts of rumors abounded while Dewhurst was at the General Land Office — some even questioning his sexual identity even though he was seen with “young, leggy, blonde women.” 

Then in the elections of 2002, David Dewhurst (Republican) ran against John Sharp (Democrat) for the Lt. Governor’s seat.  Dewhurst won this election because of having “bought” the race for himself out of his $200 Million in personal wealth.    

John Sharp had served in the Texas House, the Texas Senate, the Texas Railroad Commission, and as Comptroller.  Dewhurst had only served a few years in the General Land Office.  

In that campaign Dewhurst ran a four-page spread and featured a photo of himself dressed as a soldier, standing in front of the American flag. One glitch: Dewhurst was dressed in a German general’s uniform.  

Many well-known Republicans and state-wide interest groups endorsed Democrat John Sharp because they said they knew and trusted him and did not feel the same about Dewhurst. These were Nolan Ryan, Sen. John Carona, the Texas Association of Business and Chambers of Commerce, Texas Medical Association, Texas Association of Realtors, Independent Bankers Association, Texas Civil Justice League, Farm Bureau, Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association.  

Dewhurst’s limited endorsements included Texans for Lawsuit Reform and the Texas Restaurant Association PAC, but Dewhurst relied upon his vast millions to “buy” the Lieutenant Governor’s seat for himself. 

Years later, will David Dewhurst be able to “buy” the U. S. Senate seat for himself in the same way that he has used his own personal millions to “buy” his General Land Commissioner and Lt. Gov. seats? 

 This time it looks as if Dewhurst’s personal fortune may not be enough to offset the huge outpouring of support for Ted Cruz.   

Dewhurst’s millions were not able to generate the votes to boost him above 50% in the primary elections, and he and Ted Cruz are locked in a run-off that will be decided on July 31, 2012.  

Early voting is from July 23 – July 27.  My husband and I always vote early so that if we die before election day, our ballots will already be counted. You may feel the same.  











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