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Who controls the minds of our children?


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The Answer ~ Those who control what the teacher teaches. 


CScope- Taking a Closer look

A lot of questions have arisen around this digital instruction curriculum in the state of Texas. I decided to take a look at the “foundation” of this teaching tool. Where did it come from? What vendors are involved?


How many states have similar programs or the actual CScope program? Due to a lack of transparency and controversial pieces of lessons that are surfacing, just as many questions have arisen, as partial answers.


Who are the vendors involved in the CScope program? In this article, the primary focus will be on those vendors who supply educational materials. I won’t address the vendors who provide other auxiliary functions such as assessment. 


Hand 2 Mind

The first vendor is Hand 2 Mind. Going to their website, it was vague. I went to their frequently asked questions to learn more about this key vendor in the CScope program. This company changed their name in recent years. The original name is: etacuisinaire. Information about this name change is here: www.hand2mind.com/newname/

I went looking for the original site to gain additional information about the origin of the materials. This is the website where information can be gleaned: www.etacuisinaire.com .


What did I learn from the original site? Iowa, New York, New Jersey, and Texas have state contracts with this company for educational materials. It has different names in two of the states. ETA Cuisinaire was founded in 1965. It is based in Vernon Hills, Illinois. It is a subsidiary of the A. Daigger & Company, Inc.In the archive of old press releases, there is a partnership between ETA Cuisinaire and Character Counts. This is curriculum that builds on character lessons from a world perspective based on various cultures. You can get the details of it here: http://www.hand2mind.com/aboutus/press/ccweek_0908.jsp


The grades 3 through 6 receive this as a part of their key learning components. It has not yet been verified if it is used in the Texas CScope program (this is a primary provider of CScope Curriculum.


Because multiculturism can be interpreted in so many ways, wouldn’t it be good for this to have the oversight of the State Board of Education?Additional useful background on Hand 2 


Mind (formerly ETA Cuisinaire)

Business week review of eta cuisinaire

http://investing.businessweek.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=7622208CEO of ETA Cusinaire steps down


Dr. Hartzler loves teaching and seeing students excitement when they realize their potential but due to the controlled teaching that Cscope demands Dr. Hartzler quit his job from Luling ISD over the Christmas Holidays. He would love to go back to teaching but not with Cscope in place. 

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