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When Republicans Deceive: Pay for Play~ Steve Hotze is Not A Conservative Republican

This week Joe Straus received another endorsement that has True Conservatives crying foul.

Who is Steve Hotze? 

Here is one response I received through e-mail.

Dr. Steve Hotze is one of the two people who argued against Sanctuary Cities Legislation before the state legislature and before the 2010 state Republican Platform Committee and the whole assembly against immigration controls and sanctuary city language.  Everyone should know who he is and what he stands for.

Sanctuary City Legislation did not pass in Texas~ Why?

Below, you will find the ultimate in paid advertising.  If you are not familiar with Houston politics, there are four “Conservative” newsletters that are nothing more than paid endorsement newsletters that extort advertising $$ from candidates because an uninformed and trusting electorate falls for anything with the word “conservative” in its title.

Slot Machine Joe Has Got To Go!



Few conservatives question that Joe Straus is part of the problem in Texas and his re-election to be Speaker is likely to mean casino and other gambling as a way  to meet the expanding budget of the state.  We will also see a continued human trafficking to supply cheap labor to builders and others who wish to transfer employment costs to the general taxpayer.

Here is a second E-mail Voices Empower received…

I got an e-mail from Speaker Joe about an ‘endorsement’ from Steve Holze.

This is my answer back:

Speaker Joe,

Dr. Steve is a publisher of one of our infamous “pay-to-play” slate publications in Harris county. You pay, you get endorsed.

In Harris County, we have slates of candidates showing up in mailboxes from Terry Lowry’s Link Letter, Steve Hotze’s Conservative Republicans of Harris County and former Harris County Republican Party Chairman, Gary Polland’s Texas Conservative Review. These are what many are calling the “Pay-to-Play” slates. In these publications, candidates are asked to either buy ads in the publication or make contributions to their PAC. In the Link Letter, ads run as much as $10,000-15,000 each. Count the ads in the “Link Letter” and see how that ads up quickly.

Hotze is not shy about telling endorsed candidates, in public, to make certain their family and friends get their “contributions” into his PAC so he can send out his mailer…

According to Ed Hubbard of the Harris County Republican Party, “…the perception among many candidates (is) that Conservative Republicans of Harris County amounts to little more than a rubber-stamp for Blakemore’s clients”. Blakemore is a Republican political consultant in Harris County that not only represents individual Republican political candidates but is also paid to promote Hotze’s Conservative Republicans of Harris County and Conservative Republicans of Texas. Through these efforts, Hotze’s influence has expanded from Harris County throughout Texas. And, personal revenue of political consultants, or payments made from political consultants to individuals, do not have to be reported to the Texas Ethics Commission; thus, any personal financial gain from the “founders” of these slates, and slates such as the The Texas Conservative View, are not disclosed.

So as far as Dr. Steve’s endorsement goes – What did it cost you?

Joe, I am afraid that you are going down for the incurable disease of Rinoeitis. We in the Tea Parties of Texas recruited Matt Beebee. Tea Party members all across Texas have traveled to San Antonio to help him out. Sorry, you really ought to change parties like Arlen Specter did so that you can be with your pals from “across the aisle.”

So it looks like folks in Houston understand the deceptive practices of the “Wolves in Sheep” clothing with an R in front of their name. The question is are you willing to share this information with the voters in San Antonio in Joe Straus’ district? The Texas Primary is our only opportunity to clean house in Texas. We hope you will do your part to inform your friends and neighbors.

Tell them do not buy the propaganda~ It is time to OUST STRAUS ~ VOTE MATT BEEBE!

Below you will hear Jo Ann Fleming’s take on the 82nd Texas Legislature and the dereliction of duty  by Speaker Joe Straus and Lt. Governor David Dewhurst- Don’t miss the opportunity to hear from a Texan who knows what was going on inside the Texas Capital!!


As we enter this important election year, our voices must unite in defense of pre-born American citizens who cannot defend themselves.

Please join the movement, sign the petition, and Rise Up for Life.



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