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What I Am Looking for in a Speaker of the Texas House~ #PMA

Today I had a Texas State Rep. tell me that I needed to change my tactics with regard to the Texas Speaker Showdown. He said it’s time to change your tactics of being ‘against’ someone. That didn’t work out for us conservatives in POTUS race.” #PMA

My comment back to him was….”The tactic of falling inline behind the moderate establishment & losing the Conservative base is what lost the POTUS race.”

But his comment got me thinking. Especially since he put #PMA at the end.  I had to look up what that meant. (Positive Mental Attitude). Since the last thing I want to be is an old cynical political activist, which is a real danger in politics. I needed to humbly say…. Is he right?  I think he may actually be right. With the POTUS race we were always on the attack of Obama and we failed to tell our stories. There is a great article out that my friend Chad sent me After the Crack-Up. Don’t miss the opportunity to read it. Here is an excerpt.

“….if there is one thing conservatives can agree on post-election, it’s this: The dominance of the Left in the storytelling arena is making a difference at the polls. It’s impossible to measure, but anyone who doesn’t think it skews outcomes is living in an alternative universe.

The fact is, it’s easier to sell a political narrative to America when it comports with the cultural narrative we see and hear every day.

“The universe is made up of stories, not atoms,” the poet Muriel Rukeyser once said. Stories, not facts, are the way people process information. Screenplays, plays, scripts, and stories are packed not with hard data but with something more powerful and human: emotional data. That’s why we remember stories long after we’ve forgotten facts. Stories stir our souls.” 

So here’s my story and why I fight.

I am a Texas Mom who is scared to death that my children will not have the same opportunities that my husband and I had to succeed. I have spent the last 4 years pushing out information on what is actually happening on the ground in Texas and in America and the indoctrination of the progressive left into our homes, our schools, our churches and every aspect of our lives. I have been called crazy by some, a hero by others and a right wing extremist by the political establishment. Honestly I may be a little of all three, but when my 13 yr. old daughter thanked me for fighting to raise funds and help produce a video on the threat of what the Muslim extremists are planning for America I knew these battles I fight are worth it. Her future is worth fighting for.  Here is a link to the short video if you have not seen it,  Avoidable.

Now what does any of this have to do with Joe Straus and the Speaker of the House race in Texas.

Well the women I know at WomenOnTheWall.org believe we must Seek the Truth ~ Share the Truth and Stand for the Truth.

The truth is, there is a dirty little secret in Austin. The Pledge Card System that we helped to expose is how incumbents stay in office.

The state rep referenced above told me I needed to change my tactics of being ‘against’ someone. 

Well here is what I am for….

A Republican Speaker of the house who does not attend fund raisers for Democrats running against Republicans. 

I am for a Speaker of the House who does not seek retribution and have discontent towards Conservatives. 

I am for a Speaker of the House whose family’s business is not banking on gambling legislation to be passed and who stands to make millions if it does. 

I am for a Speaker of the House who does not have a proven track record of close ties to the largest Democrat donor in the state of Texas, Steve Mostyn.

I am for a Speaker of the House who does not go on television and claim spending per capita has not grown in Texas. When in fact state spending has grown approximately 300% in the past 20 years, while population plus inflation has grown just above 150%.)

I am for a Speaker of the House who does not say. “‘…I think at some point you can’’t cut your way to prosperity.;”

I am for a Speaker of the house who is for giving power to State Representatives so they can represent the people they are elected to serve.

I am for a Speaker of the House how does not put Committee Chairs in place to Kill Conservative Legislation. 

So call me crazy but I want someone as Speaker of the House who will provide an economically sound, safe and secure Texas for my 3 children.

That is why I am for David Simpson for Speaker of the Texas House.

If you are a Texas State Rep. and can prove to me why Joe Straus is a better Speaker than State Rep. David Simpson please tell me why. Please do not say it is because it’s better to go with the Republican Establishment than to not stand on the “Texas Conservative Values” you ran on.  If that is your answer you do not deserve to be representing the state my children’s future depends on.

If you are ready to take a stand call your State Representative today  Here is a list of them. Tell them to vote for the most Conservative Candidate in the Race for Speaker; David Simpson and then join us in Austin Jan. 7th and 8th.

Click Photo for more details.

Knowledge is Power and together we can make the difference!!

Alice Linahan

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4 Responses to “What I Am Looking for in a Speaker of the Texas House~ #PMA”

  1. Wayne Richard Says:

    Texas State Representative Bryan Hughes will be my guest this afternoon December 1st when we discuss his effort to unseat the current Speaker of the Texas House Joe Straus. The Speakership plays a major role in the direction and type of legislation passed during a legislative session. The upcoming session will play a role in future elections and policy both within the state and nationally. The old declaration “as California goes so goes the country” now needs to include the state of Texas! Does he mirror what Voices Empower is looking for? We shall see!

  2. Kelly Canon Says:

    I have my rep’s cell phone number. I sent her a text message, congratulating her on her win, Nov 6th. (Diane Patrick, District 94) She replied back, thanking me for my support. I then sent her another text, and I asked her if she would be supporting Hughes for Speaker. Haven’t had an answer. It’s almost been a month. She signed a pledge card two years ago for Straus. We tried to convince her (begged her, really) to withdraw her pledge, and she wouldn’t back down. I’m afraid she’s planning to do the same thing again in January ’13. I’m also beginning to suspect that she (like Straus) was also backed by a large block of democrats. Sad…

  3. Kelly Canon Says:

    By the way -- EXCELLENT article!!

  4. Today is a day I celebrate Life......It's my Birthday...... | Voices Empower Says:

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