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We Must Save Ourselves!

We are not going to elect someone to save us that is apparent. Therefore we must save ourselves. I have been saying this for a while.

Get ready folks because if we are not educated on the issues and fight off the federal government at the state and local level we are toast.

I encourage you to watch the videos at www.WomenOnTheWall.org. It is even more a reality now that we have re-elected a man who watched the murder of 4 American soldiers, lied about it and the media let him get away with it. If you can donate to help us stand on the wall please do, if you can’t please still watch and share it with others so we can get the numbers up on the videos.

Women On the Wall National Security Video

Click photo to watch Women On the Wall’s Video


All the big money went to Rove and company and we see where that got us. 

The money was not spent on building the ground game. They ran everything top down. Buying “likes” on right change doesn’t equal votes. Setting up communication teams and a ground game with real people does. That’s how we go around the lamestream media and get a message out. In addition that is how you beat voter fraud because you are on the ground in the community as the media. The RNC and Romney did not have a real ground game. Myself and others who have been out pounding the pavement trying to get funding and having doors closed on us at every turn were right! The Ground Game matters!! 

Think about this as well. At the RNC convention they destroyed their base by pushing through rule change #12. Look at the difference in the numbers. They ticked off the Libertarians. In many counties that is the difference. Those people vowed not to vote for Romney and voted for Gary Johnson or just did not vote. Combine that with voter fraud and Obama wins. How stupid can they be!!

Please know that I along with many other patriots will continue to fight because our children and grandchildren deserve better that what happened in America tonight.  

First order of business~ Take Joe Straus out as the Texas Speaker of the House~ 


Joe Straus Speaker Showdown

Slot Machine Joe Has Got To Go!

“Texans should know phone calls will start Tuesday evening to their newly elected State Representatives to “pledge” to Speaker Straus their vote.  I ask all Texans, after having voted, please contact your State Representative and insist they “pledge” their support only to take back the Texas House!  Insist they vote for Bryan Hughes for Speaker and not allow the distasteful slide toward a government where the people are “made dupes of designing men” as warned by Sen. Daniel Webster in 1782.  Who also said “Make them (the voters) intelligent, and they will be vigilant; give them the means of detecting the wrong, and they will apply the remedy.”  

New revelations have come out on Red State by Erik Erikson  

Excerpts from this article: 

Private Emails From Texas Speaker Joe Straus’s Office Reveal War Against Conservatives


Knowledge is Power and together we can make the difference!!

Alice Linahan

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