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Warning from Oklahoma~ Ron Paul Libertarians on the Move

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Below is an e-mail from the Oklahoma Rick Santorum State Coordinator. Here in Texas we have seen the Ron Paul activist on the move as well. I post this just as warning to those who feel that while Ron Paul may be right on a good portion of the Fiscal issues the issue of National Security disqualifies him. Please watch Rick Santorum in this video. I think he clearly articulates the danger of Ron Paul’s foreign policy.


SUBJECT: RON PAUL’S PLAN TO STEAL ELECTION…..From David Van Risseghem, Oklahoma State Coordinator, Rick Santorum For President

 To: Friends of Rick Santorum (If you are a Ron Paul activist and got this message by accident, you need not read any further. You already know the things I’m about to say. 
This Saturday, in Norman, Oklahoma; Ron Paul’s people intend to complete their grand design and add Oklahoma to the growing list of state delegations they already control.
The national media is largely ignoring the recent developments in many state and district conventions. 
Rick Santorum won Minnesota, Missouri, Colorado, Louisiana, Iowa, and several other states. But the states I just named are now under the control of Ron Paul, and those delegates intend to vote for Paul regardless of the outcome of their Caucus results. 
Oklahoma pledged all their 40 delegates to Santorum, Romney, and Gingrich; on Super Tuesday (March 6th). Ron Paul received less than 10% of the vote and zero pledged delegates.
But when the time came for selecting which individuals will wear those national delegate badges, Ron Paul’s activists have already successfully received 9 of the first 15 national delegates from Oklahoma. 
Each congressional district was allowed to select 3 national delegates and three of Oklahoma’s district conventions (3, 4, ,& 5) were all controlled by Ron Paul activists. Districts 1 and 2 selected primarily Santorum supporters. Ron Paul’s activists attempted a coup at District One and they are now petitioning to vacate the results of District One. Here’s an edited video they posted. They redacted portions they don’t what you to see. http://goo.gl/mC9aQ 
Here’s why I’m calling on you….
Dedicated Republicans need to work together to avoid a chaotic state convention this Saturday.  The convention needs to select the final 25 delegates and protect the District One delegates. Libertarian forces are plotting to supplant the primary results by selecting an alternative slate of candidates who reflect the agenda of the American Libertarian Party. (http://goo.gl/Y68Jo)
If you are a state delegate, it is imperative that you attend the Oklahoma Republican State Convention, this Saturday.  There will assuredly be a passionate struggle for control of the convention, the national delegation, and the party’s future.  Call your county chairman, to make sure they added you to the delegation list. 
Please take a few seconds to RSVP here: http://goo.gl/skNqb , so we can keep you informed of the developments this week. 
The Tulsa County Republican Party has already filled up one bus for the trip to Norman, this Saturday. Another supporter has stepped up and offered to provide us another bus for the Santorum Supporters of Eastern Oklahoma, but only if enough interest is evident. We need a “hard count” by Thursday. Please RSVP via this link: http://goo.gl/skNqb 
It’s time for all values voters to work together to keep our communities safe for the next generation. Several Ron Paul activists want to legalize recreational drug use, decimate obscenity laws, and sanction prostitution. It’s time to stand with our allies in the middle east. It’s time to restore civility to the Oklahoma Republican Party. 
It’s been a great honor to work with all of you during this presidential primary season. I don’t regret any of it, regardless of what comes next.
God bless you,    


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  1. Eleonore Says:

    I like alot of Ron Paul’s ideas. His chances of winning the general election is next to zero. Gary Johnson won the libertarian party spot and they would split many of the votes and Obama gets four more years. I will be more than happy to support Romney as he would make a much better President than Obama. Is he what the country needs? No, but this country will not elect leaders that will make the spending cuts and the tax cuts at the same time. That was the fix for the depression of 1920-1921. Bush tried tax cuts with no spending cuts and that did not work. Obama tried huge amounts of spending and that has not worked. People like the tax cuts, but they do not like the spending cuts as it would hurt for a few years, but the pain will be worse if we keep on kicking the can down the road, when the end of the road comes upon us and we go over the cliff hitting the bottom will really hurt.

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