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Waco paper works against conservatives and for Joe Straus

Thank you Agenda Wise for taking on the Media and Joe Straus…..


The Waco Tribune-Herald is peddling an editorial asking conservatives to stop demanding conservative leadership out of Republican Party members, specifically embattled House Speaker Joe Straus.


The editorial board incorrectly states that “support for Texas House Speaker Joe Straus will again be a campaign issue in the Republican primary election of 2012.” This isn’t accurate. Political onlookers know that 2012 will be the first primary election to feature the issue. The effort to unseat Joe Straus did not begin until after the general election of 2010 and was more of an introduction of the speaker race onto the political calendar. 

For those still unfamiliar with the issues, the vote for Speaker of the House, the first and most consequential vote of each session, was for 35 years legally off-limits to anyone but lobbyists and legislators. During that time it was illegal for the rest of us to involve ourselves. The Texas Supreme Court ruled the law unconstitutional as a result of a legal challenge a couple of years ago, opening up the speaker’s race for the first time in 35 years.

The Tribune-Herald’s editorial board has joined the liberal chorus in trying to make the existence of a speaker race seem petty – claiming it is all about “personalities”. The speaker race is about policy – more so than any other vote – because the speaker chooses committee chairs and committee chairs determine which bills get to the floor and which do not. It goes without saying that the speaker and his team have a large influence on whether a bill passes or not, but more importantly, the speaker and his team entirely decide which votes happen. There is no more consequential way to affect policy in the legislature than this. The speaker race is not about personality.

Ralph Sheffield, a Joe Straus loyalist is on record stating Joe Straus “punished Republicans”, referring to redistricting, committee appointments, and general obstruction of conservatives. The Tribune–Herald’s plea not to “punish” legislators for supporting Speaker Straus is one-sided. The Speaker and his team have done everything they can to punish their opponents, a reality the Tribune–Herald decided to ignore in their editorial.

It’s becoming common knowledge that Republican leadership has actively opposed conservative Republicans. Joe Straus and his leadership team slowed down what would have otherwise been a conservative surge in Texas. This activity accounts for why our country continually moves in a liberal direction. When liberals have serious power they pass things like ObamaCare, but when conservatives have serious power liberal Democrats like Jim Dunham choose liberal Republicans to manage the “conservative problem” while it exists. Liberal Democrat Jim Dunham originally got Joe Straus elected speaker. Straus was elected by the Democrats and just a few Republicans – his friends, the liberal Republicans.

One example of the frustration of the Republican super majority is spending limits. Ninety percent of Republican primary voters for three election cycles on ballot initiatives have endorsed placing spending limits on the legislature. The party platform contains a plank and legislative priority specifically calling for this action. Passage of spending limits should have been a cakewalk but was instead killed by House leadership.

Though not surprising, the Waco Tribune–Herald’s editorial board is playing its part in slowing down the conservatism Texans keep wisely voting for out of survival instinct.

An Odessa American reprinting of the Waco Tribune-Herald’s pro-Straus editorial

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