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“Voters Need To See Bright Colors vs. Dark Gray”

By Donna Garner

The Townhall/Hot Air Straw Poll is good news for Santorum — 17.1% ahead of Romney; but the Rasmussen poll is not such good news for the Santorum campaign.  (Below I have posted the results of both polls.)

The Rasmussen poll results indicate to me that the Republican establishment in conjunction with the leftist media are unfortunately having a negative impact on Santorum.

Remember how long after the Iowa caucus that it took for the news media to admit that Santorum actually beat Romney there.

Yesterday the newspapers were filled with headlines that said such things as “Romney Sweeps Michigan.”  Actually Romney did not “sweep” Michigan; and by early yesterday morning, it was announced that Santorum and Romney would have the equal number of Michigan delegates (15 each) even though Romney spent 6 times as much money in Michigan as did Santorum.

[A few hours ago, the Michigan Republican Party Credentials Committee voted 4-2 to ignore its own Rules (submitted to the Republican National Committee on February 7, 2012) and awarded Romney both of the at-large delegates. This would mean Santorum would get 14 delegates and Romney 16.

A member of the MRP’s Credentials Committee, who ironically supports Romney, has stated that the MRP rules require that according to the popular vote, the at-large delegates should be split evenly between the two candidates with a total of 15 delegates for Santorum and 15 delegates for Romney.

The Santorum campaign is filing a complaint with the Republican National Committee regarding the 14 to 16 split.]

We voters must not forget that Obama wants Romney to be the candidate because Obama believes he can pick Romney apart over RomneyCare.  All Obama has to say is, “How could Romney be against ObamaCare when RomneyCare was the model we used to formulate ObamaCare?”

Then there are Romney’s many flip flops.

Case in point:  An entrepreneur named Alex Brownstein has even come out with “Mitt Flops: Politically Expedient Footware.” A pair of these actual flip flops costs $19.95.  Romney’s face is on the flip flops with opposing political positions on each foot. “On Mitt’s LEFT foot, he’s Pro-Choice and Roe v. Wade should be left alone.  On Mitt’s RIGHT foot he’s Pro-Life and Roe v. Wade should be overturned… Abortion, climate change and healthcare are just a few of the topics featured…”


It would be hard for the American people to see much difference between Obama’s and Romney’s policies — similar to comparing two shades of GRAY.

What we need is Santorum whose positions present a huge contrast to those of Obama’s.

Voters need to see Santorum’s hopeful BRIGHT COLORS contrasted with the depressing DARK GRAY of Obama’s.

The liberal left and the “country club Republicans” who support Romney have tried to portray Santorum as a candidate who is only interested in social issues; and to bias the voters deliberately, the news media is filled with Santorum’s sound bites on social issues followed by commentary that narrows the debate even further.

However, people who are attending Santorum’s events report that he continually shares his positions on many other issues besides those on social issues, important  as they are.

Santorum frequently speaks about:  


Medicaid/Medicare/Social Security

Foreign policy

Tax reform

Fiscal responsibility

Spending cuts

Iranian nuclear threat

Support for Israel

Increasing manufacturing sector jobs

Unleashing domestic energy

Immigration reform

Federal regulations that intrude into our personal lives

Appointing judges who do not legislate from the bench

Parental choice in the education of our children

Second Amendment rights

Frivolous lawsuits

Reforming entitlements

Rolling back job-killing federal regulations

Enforcement of pornography laws

To see what Rick Santorum’s positions really are on a broad spectrum of issues, please go to:  http://www.ricksantorum.com/issues

We let the “country club Republicans” dictate their choice of John McCain last time, and we ended up with the leftist news media’s choice of Obama.

Surely the American people are not going to make the same mistake twice in a row.

We must protect ourselves from being psychologically manipulated  by the power brokers and the leftwing news media into accepting the wrong choice.

Let’s study the issues for ourselves.  Let’s not be pressured into accepting a “wounded” candidate such as Romney about whom Obama’s opposition researchers are “licking their chops.”

Why settle for a moderate like Bob Dole and John McCain?  Remember:  They lost.

What we need is Rick Santorum who is not afraid to stand up to Obama and his miscreant administration.  Santorum will not hesitate to tell them what a mess they are making of our country and how their “apologetic” foreign policies are debasing our standing in the world and putting our military at risk.

Voters need to see a clear distinction between Santorum’s hopeful BRIGHT COLORS and Obama’s depressing DARK GRAY policies.


Santorum — 35.6% (+18.9%)

Gingrich — 25.3% (-19.5%)

Romney — 18.5% (+2.7% — has never won Townhall/Hot Air Straw Poll)

Ron Paul — 14.6% (-3.3%)



Romney — 40%

Santorum — 24%

Gingrich — 16%

Ron Paul — 12%

Some other candidate — 2%

Undecided — 6%


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