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Voices Empower #FreedomTrailer Team is on the road to Charlotte, NC ~ Operation #LibertyStock2012


“The nation’s voters are bombarded with biased and partisan media campaigns on a daily basis. Minorities and the economically challenged are targeted with falsehoods and empty promises, yet the liberty-minded voter feels powerless against the corrupted system. Libertystock 2012 takes these frustrations to the backyard of the DNC, where our voices will be heard loud and clear by the nation.” 


~Alice Linahan and Keith Kelly on the Road with the #FreedomTrailer~
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Voices Empower has partnered with Engage America and the Freedom Trailer Teams to Educate, Inspire and Motivate those who attend #LibertyStock2012.  

Come join us in standing for Freedom!! As our good friend Foster Friess says……  “Do we want to be governed by rules and regulations or inspired virtues and values.”

It is time to be inspired!! 

Alice Linahan will be on the ground training Voices Empower Corespondents  and Information Pushers. This information will be key in defeating Obama and holding all elected officials accountable after the general election in Nov. 

Click below for Wednesday and Thursday’s Schedule of Events






Click here to review the Libertystock 2012 event schedule!

If you have not signed up on Engage America please do so and join the team. This technology will be vital in the months ahead to take on Obama and holding our local officials accountable. Knowledge is power and Engage America is a technology platform that gives us the ability to engage in the conversations and debates on issues in four key areas that will impact our lives and decide the direction our great country will take in the future for our children and grandchildren.  With the Announcement that will be made on Tues.  Get Ready folks!! We must be prepared!! Check out what they are saying over at the Daily Caller. 

 New social media app could revolutionize Internet commenting

The four key areas that Engage America will focus are:  
1. Deficit and Tax Policy  
2. Government Spending   
3. Fair Compensation  
4. Job Policy  

I hope you will join us in this opportunity and take advantage of the time that you spend o line and be rewarded for your efforts through Engage America’s Eagle Rewards program. It is key to have your voice heard in the months leading up to the 2012 election and beyond.

  Knowledge is Power and together we can make the difference!!   


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