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Video: ACORN Front Group Pays Homeless People ‘$10 a Hour, $100 a Day’ to Protest at Occupy Wall Street

Remember this name: New York Communities for Change

From Breitbart’s Big Government  



Lee Stranahan and Brandon Darby have released the latest video clip from their visit to Occupy Wall Street.

In the video, an activist named Channing, who has been at the Occupy Wall Street protests from the beginning, volunteers the information that the former ACORN organization–through its new front group, New York Communities for Change–is paying $10 per hour and $100 per day to homeless people to attend the demonstrations.

She suggests that ACORN’s involvement is unwelcome, alleging that its homeless employees are “being paid to come here and mess things up.”

Channing’s information corroborates reporting by Big Government on ACORN’s role in the Occupy movement.

Channing also alleges that New York Police Department officers are directing homeless people to the Occupy Wall Street protests. She notes that some of the homeless people are “drug addicts and provocateur kind of people” who cause some of the problems at the demonstrations that are now being reported extensively.



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