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Vicki Truitt a Seven Term State Rep. is in trouble~ Meet Giovanni Capriglione Tonight the Solid Conservative our children deserve

According to a recent Texas Tribune article Giovanni Capriglione’s challenge to incumbent Vicki Truitt is at level  CODE RED! They describe Red as trouble walking in the door. 

It is not surprising when you have the Texas Tea Parties not on your side and when they do see you this is what your provide as a way to get reelected? As reported by the Keller Boiling Point Tea Party….

 2004 speech recycled for 2012! 

    Patriots:  For anyone who attended the townhall power point presentations Rep. Truitt held last week, get ready for Ground Hog Day.  On January 8, 2004 she said she “really cares about the quality of education for our children?”  Where has Vicki Truitt been since January 8, 2004?

That is other than taking trips to Turkey provided by the Gulen/Cosmos Foundations Charter schools which are going to be under investigation by the Texas Legislature. Looks like Vicki is not making a passing grade according to solid Conservatives.

Texas Eagle Forum (82nd Legislative Session) gave Rep. Vickie Truitt a rating of 26; and Young Conservatives of Texas gave Truitt a 63%.  This puts Truitt in the position of voting as a moderate and not as a conservative.

The Great News is House District 98 does have a solid Conservative to vote for in the May 29th Primary.

Click on Photo to donate and help Giovanni Capriglione

A true conservative — Giovanni Capriglione – is running against Truitt. The conservatives of House District 98  (Southlake – Keller area) believe they have located a fine conservative to run against Truitt, and they are very excited about Giovanni: Go to Vote Giovanni’s Facebook page and click “Like”

If you are a voter in House District 98 and you would like the opportunity to meet Giovanni please join me in Keller tonight.

Kids are welcome. Giovanni would like to answer their questions along with their parents on exactly how he would represent them at the Capital in Austin.

Tonight, May 10th
5:30 to 7:00 p.m.
600 Goliad Dr.
Keller, Texas
What a great opportunity to share with your families.
Children are welcomed.
very casual / come and go

Comments sent to Donna Garner about Rep. Vicki Truitt:

Truitt definitely did not follow through with advancing the ball on stopping our out-of-control illegal immigration problem in Texas which is really the root of most of our problems in Texas and our nation.  She was one that was featured in the WomenOntheWall.Org falling dominoes as a big RINO. 


Vicki Is not one of us.  She is one of the biggest RINOs in Austin and works closely with Wendy Davis on the pushing of Toll Roads and this out of control spending on transportation.  


Truitt’s husband Jim gave an opening prayer at one of the Republican executive meetings which happened to be held in a Christian church and it was an absolute disgrace. He and his wife had just come back from Turkey…Jim tried to include every religion in his prayer and at the end..almost like he didn’t even care… said “and Whatever.”  

About the trip to Turkey, Vickie Truitt has refused to give us any information – no travel reimbursements, nothing. Like Granger, Shelton, Solomons —  they think the Harmony Science Charter Schools are great. These free trips to Turkey for elected officials are a way of “bribing” them into supporting the Turkish-Gulen-Cosmos-Harmony Charter Schools using our tax dollars to pay for them. 


We have tried to oust Rep. Truitt for three years because of her refusal to vote for conservative issues, and we are eager to elect Giovanni Capriglione. 

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Heidi Thiess for State Rep.

 Voices Empower Proudly endorses Heidi Thiess for Texas State Rep.

Blockwalking -- Voter Outreach
Bill Zedler State Rep. District 96

Voices Empower proudly endorses State Rep. House District 96

Bill Zedler 

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Join The Fight! Be A Part Of The Solution! 


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