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Values Matter in America; We believe in “God and Country”

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Values Matter in America because; Values are what  made us great in the past and it is what will make us great in the future.

I would actually say Values and the Conviction to stand by those values is what will save our great country.

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Saturday I had the amazing honor to attend the God and Country Rally meeting and what I heard was a call to action: We Cannot be Silent!

The God and Country Rally Meeting  was in response to the “Athens, A Call for Religious Freedom!” rally where over 5,000 Texans showed up to say “No” we will stand strong for Religious Liberty.

Athen’s Texas December 17th, 2011

The next step in standing strong for Religious Liberty is to not be Silent anymore as Pastor Stephen Broden states.

Below is a great article which gives a full account of what happened at the God and Country Rally.
From Citizen Patriot.
400 Gather For Religion Rally
Staff Writer

Throughout the congregation, the sounds of “amen” and “preach it, brother” affirmed the message coming from the pulpit. Occasionally, an attendee stood with arms raised. But this was no regular church service.

Almost 400 people gathered for the God and Country rally on Saturday at the Lakeview Church of the Nazarene in Tyler.

The speakers called on those in attendance to unite their faith and patriotism, to stand up for what they believe and return this country back to Christian values.
“We must stand up, show up and speak up with a conviction that rattles us to the core if we are to take America back,” Dr. Nathan Lorick, pastor of First Baptist Church of Malakoff, said. “It must shape the (foundation) of our heart and it must lead us to action.”

The more than two-hour-long event featured messages from East Texas and Dallas-area pastors, political leaders and other organization leaders.

Ray Myers, chairman of the Kaufman County Tea Party and a founder of the God and Country organization, said the purpose of the rally was to raise awareness among unregistered voters, particularly those in the church.
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Myers said some statistics show that less than 50 percent of churchgoers are registered voters.

“With the attacks (on) religious freedom, it’s about time that people woke up,” he said before the rally began. “You know, if we don’t watch it, we’re going to go over that financial cliff.”

The God and Country organization was born out of the recent controversy regarding a nativity scene displayed on the Henderson County Courthouse lawn in Athens.

Myers said that may have been where the seed was planted, but this is only the beginning.

Although the speakers came from a variety of backgrounds, the messages were unified.

Pastor Dan Cummins, of Bridlewood Church in Bullard, called on pastors to remember their role in America’s history and therefore realize their role in the future.

“The problem with America is at the (foot) of her pulpit,” he said. “It is up to the American preacher to call this nation back to God.”

Cummins said Americans have lost their understanding of a Biblical worldview. He drew parallels between the nation of Israel and this nation, saying the priests were the ones who lead the Israelites into the Promised Land.

However, it was the priests who centuries later forgot their place in society and forgot to lead. He said the United States is in much the same position today.

“Israel’s separation of church and state was because her clergy fell asleep at the wheel …” Cummins said. “Today, like Israel, we are facing a crisis, God’s way or socialism.”

He said the American economy, politics and culture are dying because of sin in this nation.

“Fix the sin problem and you balance the economy; politics becomes practical; culture becomes wholesome again,” he said. “We need Christ in the economy, Christ in the politics, Christ in the culture.”

He said the Old Testament in the Bible shows how God took his people, the Israelites, and solved the economic and cultural problems of the surrounding pagan empires.

“America’s crisis today is God’s door of opportunity for the church,” he said. “It is your opportunity.”

Marty Reid, pastor at Trinity Family Church in Forney, spoke about the importance of ensuring pastors have the right to speak freely from the pulpit without fear of negative repercussions from the government or any other group.

He said nationwide there is Biblical illiteracy. People are more affected by the culture than by the Bible, he said.

He said Christians must know the word of God and live it out to influence the culture for good. He said that includes the political arena where he said pastors much encourage people to register to vote.

“Do we want to be ruled by Godly men of character or do we want to be ruled by secularists?” he said. “We don’t need politicians. We need statesmen.”

State Rep. Wayne Christian, R-Center, began by praising the work of several area legislators including U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Tyler, state Rep. Leo Berman, R-Tyler, and state Rep. Dan Flynn, R-Canton.

Christian said churches started shirking their responsibilities when a federal amendment prohibited all tax-exempt organizations, including churches, from supporting or opposing political candidates.

He said churches out of fear of losing their tax-exempt status shied away from political involvement. He said Christians let the government start taking care of the poor and needy.

“We the people of God have allowed the darkness to take over and we have not (shown) the light of Jesus Christ,” Christian said.

He said it’s important for Christians to pray, but also to act.

He said this nation is seeing the destruction of the two-parent family and numerous social services are making that possible.

“Folks, you and I are financing the destruction of this country and that’s a Godly matter not a fiscal matter for us to get into,” Christian said.

Lorick stressed the importance of convictions and acting on those convictions.

He said the rally in Athens about the nativity scene was not about a plastic nativity or controversy but about conviction.

Lorick said those gathered want to see the nation brought back to the day when God was the center of everything people did.

He said Christians must have a sense of urgency about life and a need to speak about the work of their God in their lives. He said people might tell them to be quiet, but they will not be silenced.
“We are not in allegiance to community first,” he said. “We are in allegiance to God first.”

Other speakers included Stephen Broden, pastor of Fair Park Bible Fellowship in Dallas; Dr. Rick Scarborough from Vision America in Richardson; and Kelly Shackelford, an attorney at the Liberty Institute in Plano.

U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Tyler, attended a portion of the rally. Gohmert said he was there to support the people who have supported him.

He said the message is similar to something Chuck Colson shared before Bill Clinton became president, which was that “our hope will not arrive on Air Force 1.”

Gohmert said until the hearts of the population are turned away from self and onto others, nothing will change.

He said the Founding Fathers were focused on the future generations, and pastors were at the heart of many of this country’s great movements for liberty.

He said Americans cannot keep their rights unless they fight for them.

Charles Jones, 74, of Longview, said he is among a group of people who love this country but think it is headed in the wrong direction.

“Our goal if you want to call it a goal (is) we need a house cleaning in Washington,” said Jones, who is retired from the military and Texas Utilities and works as a part-time truck driver. “The country is headed down the wrong road.”

Brenda Clark, 59, of Chandler, said halfway through the event that it was awesome.

“I am so impressed with that young man,” she said of Lorick.

Debby Nicholson, 58, of Tyler, said she wants to be involved in the God and Country organization. She said she has been a Christian all her life and wants to serve in whatever capacity available.

“I am so impressed beyond words,” she said. “I am jotting down as fast as I can every word (that is said). I know I’m going to probably be ridiculed. This is not about politics. This is about Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. It’s what would Jesus do.”


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