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Unite for Victory 2012~ Texas Freedom Rally at the Alamo~ Hastag #TxFreedomRally

Texas Freedom Rally at the Alamo

Twitter Hashtag #TxFreedomRally

Without a Battle there is no Victory; The Battle is for the Future of America!

“Join us as we unite at the

Cradle of Liberty to take the chains off our future!”

~Texas Freedom Pac , Weston Martinez ~ 

Weston Martinez

Saturday, July 21st 

Social Media Command Center/Workshop/Tea Party Networking

1 pm – 5 pm      

                Main Event and Rally     6 pm-8 pm  

The Texas Freedom Rally, in coordination with Conservative Republican, Grassroots Tea Party and Religious Liberty Organizations  from across Texas and our great Country, will take place at the Alamo on the 21st of July. A Social Media Command Center with training from Voices Empower, Americans for Prosperity and the Team at Engage America will be conducted from 1:00 pm -5:00 pm at the host hotel, Hotel Indigo ~ www.hotelindigo.com/atthealamo  with the official evening program beginning at 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm at the Alamo Plaza.

The Texas Freedom Rally is focused on connecting Texas youth, Minorities, Texas Tea Party Grassroots with Conservative Republican Political groups who are focused on empowering voters with truthful information, registering voters and preparing Texans so we may fight the battles ahead to save our country.

Battle #1 Reject the lies of Obama and Repeal the Obama healthcare Tax!  

We will again unite at the cradle of liberty to draw our line in the sand. We will defend Texas, we must be free from Obamacare, and the largest tax increase in the History of the United States!” 

Free To The Public! 

Donations Requested! 

$5 min. suggested per adult!

Tables are available for Tea Party Groups, Candidates and Vendors  at the cost of $ 100 to $250. Contact weston martinez at weston@westonmartinez.com   

~Key Strategic Partners for the Social Media Command Center/Workshop~  

Don’t miss the opportunity to come visit the Social Media Command Center! 

 Peggy Venable  AFP Texas 

Engage America 

Patriot Voices ~ Rick Santorum  

 LogoWatch what students are saying about Patriot Academy:

Confirmed Speakers for the Evening Event: 

Tom Pauken ~Texas Workforce Commission & Former White House Councel under Ronald Reagan  
Pastor Jim Garlow~Renewing American Leadership   
Fr. Frank Pavone will have a special message delivered for him at the #TxFreedomRally at the Alamo. ~ Priests for Life 
COL. Ken Allard Former US ARMY RETIRED Fox News Contributor  
 Jonathan Saenz ~ Liberty Institute
Alice Linahan ~ Voices Empower  
 Ben Streusand ~  Political commentator KSEV Radio Houston, Texas Advisory Board Chairman of Tx Americans for Prosperity   

Profile PictureDr. Robert Lowry Republican National Delegate Texas CD 23 

 Texas Tea Party Leaders ~ 

Ray Myers ~ Kaufman County Tea Party 
 Bob Hall  Canton Tea Party 
Dale Huls  Clear Lake Tea Party
Photo: Join us at the the Alamo on July 21st and find out the real story behind why Ted Cruz candidate for US Senate is so key to fighting the ObamaTax from a man who knows! Rafael Cruz, Ted's father. #TxFreedomRally Click "Like" on the Texas Freedom Rally at the Alamo FB page and then pass it onto your friends! https://www.facebook.com/TexasFreedomRallyAtTheAlamoRafael Cruz, father of Ted Cruz  for US Senate
Donna CampbellDr. Donna Cambell Texas Senate candidate  
John Garza Texas State Representative 
James White Texas State Representative 
Ken MercerKen Mercer Texas State Board of Education
 Barry Smitherman, Texas Rail Road Chairman 

Knowledge is Power and together we can make the difference!!  


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“Grab your Tea and Follow me! It’s a Peaceful Revolution!” 


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