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TRRCC PAC is the Name, Money is the Game~ Tea Party Victory

“We The People” are beginning to understand the game, and we all need to understand that “Perception” is key and the establishment uses the media to create a narrative. 

Now the challenge is to learn what the tactics and strategies of the establishment are so we can stop them in their tracks when we see the dots connecting. 

Tea Party Victory 

Rep. Phil King speakingThe grassroots are becoming more and more organized at the local level and we are making a major difference. One of the key benefits of this is when our local elected officials who get elected by the grassroots are attacked he or she has ground troops ready to defend and correct the record. 

Case in point: State Rep. Phil King~Is Tx. State Rep. Phil King a Friend or Foe of his Constituents? Updated with Response from Rep. Phil King~

First I want to thank Lynette McCracken with the Parker County Tea Party for jumping in to contact Rep. Phil King directly for a response to the speculation that he is now working on Straus’ team, which could have implications for the race for Speaker of the House. This is not true. Please see Rep. Phil Kings response in the link above. 

OK let’s take a look at the current situation on the ground with the Texas Speaker Showdown. 

For those of you just coming into this issue, the Texas Grassroots/Tea Party folks are working hard and have been working hard to replace Speaker Joe Straus from his postion as Speaker of the House for the last 2 yrs.  

Straus was elected originally with the cooperation of Democrats and 11 Rino Republicans.  His time as Speaker has been filled  with controversy ever since. From the pledge card system being exposed to his families ties to the gambling industry.  Weston Hick’s said on AgendaWise.com 

Pledge cards are a shady holdover from a bygone era of insider dominance in Texas politics.

In the past, Representatives backed the guy who could give them campaign money and got on the good side of the likely next speaker. Then, the speaker race was opened to the public. This past speaker race was the first in which Texans have participated in over 35 years. 

Here is a little refresher of the challenge that Texas Conservatives have with the Pledge Card system and Speaker Joe Straus. 


Slot Machine Joe StrausAnother point of controversay for Speaker Straus is his families close connections with the Gambling industry. Straus stands to personally gain huge amounts of money if gambling is passed in Texas. Whether you are for or against gambling are you for another career politician personally gaining financially based on legislation getting passed. Isn’t that a huge part of our challenge in Texas and our nation?

Vegas is betting that Joe Straus will be able to legalize gambling in Texas during the next legislative session. Grassroots groups have been warning about this from as far back as 2010. 

Pinnacle Entertainment Corporation, based out of Las Vegas, announced a series of transactions which joins them with Joe Straus’ family business interests. The corporation acquired much of Retama Park for $22.8 million dollars in cash and debt acquisition.  Pinnacle Entertainment Corporation commented on the risky business decision stating, “We believe Retama Park provides significant strategic value for our shareholders given the potential approval of gaming entertainment centers at Texas pari-mutuel facilities”. 

This why the race for Speaker of the House is so important.  It is about breaking and exposing a corrupt system. As KrisAnn Hall has said. “The state legislators primary responsibility is to protect us from the Federal Government, not to create laws.” Click photo to watch the video clip Tea Party Revelation at time stamp 14:30 for clarification. 

It is time not for information but Revelation

KrisAnn Hall~ Tea Party Revelation


We hire people through elections to represent us. Not to further their business interests. 

So here is the question~  Are we going to allow our Elected Representatives to decided if the Speaker Showdown is a battle worth fighting? I have heard there are some Conservative elected officials who think this is about them and  they are not willing to fight this battle because it is not worth the retributions inflicted by the Speaker. Basically they are taking the go along to get along approach. Rep. Bill Zedler has something to say about that.

Austin Capital Insiders~Drive the Narrative and the Mainstream Media picks it up and runs. 

State Rep. Phil King, is truly a representative of the people. That is obvious because you can not have ground troops like Lynnette McCrackin and Dawn King ready  to defend you and go to battle for you if they did not believe in who and what you are all about. I was in the same situation with Sen. Rick Santorum. We had teams of people who were willing to do the research and go to battle if need be. Rep. Phil King has earned his title of Civil Servant. 

But the question is are the powers that be in the Austin capital trying to drive the narrative?

Remember it is all about the Narrative and Perception. How many of you remember when the narrative out of the Austin Media elite (Harvey Kronberg) was that if you did not vote for Straus you were Anit-Semitic?

Well now the narrative is if you “ARE” for Straus you are a RINO. Hey that one is right, right? 

Well be careful where is that narrative coming from.

Tx. State Rep. Phil King a Friend or Foe

By Mike Hailey
Capitol Inside Editor

Interesting to note like Harvey Kronberg with the Quorum Report, Capitol Inside is a paid for insider guide to information and the talking points for building the narratives to be pushed. 

From everything the people on the ground who know Phil King have seen he is anything but a RINO. The narrative coming from both the Quorum Report and the Capitol Inside is that the battle for Speaker Straus to be removed is a doomed mission so why even bother. I believe they are using Phil king to get he and others to not fight because this is just a doomed mission in the first place. 

We will be covering this issue in more depth in posts to follow. Keep watching I have a feeling it is going to get very interesting ~ 

Knowledge is Power and together we can make the difference!!

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