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Trial Lawyers are the bad guys right? Not so fast check out Speaker of the House Candidate Bryan Hughes


~That Dog Won’t Hunt~

I know most politicians and especially ones who are  trail lawyers are suppose to be the bad guys. At least that is what Joe Straus’ consultants/lobbing team are telling State Reps why they can’t vote for Bryan Hughes for Speaker of the House. “Hughes is a Trial Lawyer….I can’t vote for him.”  The challenge is that dog won’t hunt. Especially when you follow the money. As Ray Myers always says…. “Politics is about Power and Money so you just have to follow the money.”  

So let’s do just that……

The Trial Lawyers with the Black Hats~ 

Straus’ close ties to the largest Democrat donor in Texas~ Steve Mostyn 

As reported by the Agendawise Team….

Steve Mostyn is Black Hat Trial Lawyer

Tuesday April 19, 2011 – Clyde Alexander inviting GC Todd Hunter Steve Mostyn and a few other dems to dinner with (coat and tie required, no cell phones allowed)
Location: Tarry House Tarrytown
POC: Clyde Alexander

What does this mean? Well, “GC” is Garnet. Clyde Alexander is a former Democratic state representative who served as Joe Straus’ first chief of staff in 2009 (when Straus was elected to Speaker of the House by Democrats and a few liberal Republicans). Steve Mostyn is a trial lawyer and liberal Democrat mega-donor.

Formerly a Democrat Rep., Todd Hunter is a Republican with liberal ties and Joe Straus has given him vast power in the Texas House.

Hunter is the self-described legislation gatekeeper of the Texas House. In an interview following the session, Hunter boasted that bills made it to the floor only through him. A noteworthy bill that did not make it past Hunter: spending limits legislation that enjoys 90%+ support in the GOP.

Speaker Straus has spoken dismissively of Rick Perry’s budget compact, including a spending limit and left the popular measure out of his interim charges.

This isn’t the first time Hunter and Mostyn have been caught hanging out. Todd Hunter mediated a lawsuit against TWIA that netted Mostyn $189 million, which he in turn funneled into Democrat campaigns in 2010. Shortly before the mediation began, Mostyn sent Hunter a $25,000 contribution.

It doesn’t surprise us that Mostyn got what he asked for out of the mediation.

At the time of this April 2011 “no cell phones” meeting, legislation reforming TWIA was being pushed through both bodies of the legislature.

One can only wonder what all Mostyn is expecting from Hunter and the Straus team in 2013.


Bryan Hughes is a White Hat Trial Lawyer

Now for the Trial Lawyer in the White Hat 

Judge Dismisses Case Challenging County’s Invocation And “In God We Trust” Motto

“Today, Liberty Institute and its local counsel Bryan Hughes on behalf of the Wood County Commissioner’s Court applauds the ruling of a state district judge who granted a summary judgment, dismissing the lawsuit against the County for opening its sessions in prayer and for displaying in its courtroom America’s national motto “In God We Trust.”

“We are very thankful that the district court today followed clearly established precedent recognizing the constitutionality of displaying the national motto and having prayer before the county’s meetings,” said Jeff Mateer, Liberty Institute general counsel.

Hughes, a local attorney, added, “I am so glad that we live in a country that still honors the traditions of our founders—the importance of prayer and displaying “In God We Trust” in the courtroom.” 

So now I ask you, when you give your Texas State Representative a call to let them know who you would prefer he or she vote for as Speaker of the Texas House, you decide. 

Straus a Republican who was elected by Democrats and has close ties to the largest donor to the Democratic party in Texas; Black Hat Trial Attorney, Steve Mostyn?

Or the most Conservative Candidate in the race, Bryan Hughes an attorney we need out fighting the good fight who understands that his job as a State Representative is to represent the people and protect us from the threats we clearly face from the Federal Government and threats we face from the liberal/progressive attacks on our freedom of faith. 

I can tell you our local Argyle Victory 2012 and Beyond group clearly let our Rep. Tan Parker know who we stand for. 

Bryan Hughes for Texas Speaker of the House.  

Argyle Victory 2012 and Beyond stands with Bryan Hughes

Knowledge is Power and together we can make the difference!!

Alice Linahan

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