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Tonight is the night in Arizona: “We The People” ~VS~ The Pundits

Join Eagle OPS and Voices Empower for a Grassroots Driving the Narrative and Eagle Ops workshop tonight! 

Photo Courtsey of Rick Santorum's Facebook wall

It is not about Rick Santorum winning Arizona it is about “You” winning Arizona and we will give you the tools to do just that. 

When: Friday, February 24  6:00 pm – 8:30 PM followed by a networking open bar social hour

Where: Holiday Inn and Suites Phoenix Airport North

Salon C

            1515 North 44th Street

            Phoenix, AZ 85008  

No Need to RSVP just come on out!!  

For questions please contact Alice Linahan: 972-322-8313

Eagle OPS and Voices Empower are excited to announce we have hit the ground in Arizona working to get the ground troops to sign on with Phyllis Schlafly’s new cutting edge technology and be given the tools to take on the pundits and drive the narrative of what is actually happening when Rick Santorum shows up on the ground and talks to “We The People”.

EagleOPS can only be used by candidates that Phyllis Schlafly decides to work with and Phyllis Schlafly has chosen her candidate; Rick Santorum.

Voices Empower – Drive the Narrative using Relationships

The 2012 Election cycle will in large part be determined by who “controls the Narrative” or, in other words, who determines what the general electorate hears.

 The Challenge…..

How do we take inside information to the people so they may be empowered with knowledge and can affect the results of local, state and national elections?  

The Answer….. 

We create the environment for good content that has been and will be created to be disseminated from the ground up. We teach supporters and activists how to aggregate and disseminate information to reach their friends and neighbors who will go vote in the primary and then in the 2012 general election.

  This type of program is based on the idea of the:

·         Passive Majority

·         Engaged Minority

·         Connected Authority

If you can’t make it tonight in Arizona please be sure and Sign in at Arizona for Rick Santorum  from anywhere in the country, from there you will be contacted by an EagleOPS volunteer to give you your call to action to help Rick Santorum win in Arizona.

Remember it is We The People ~VS~ The Pundits and it is time to take a stand and show up.


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