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Today is a day I celebrate Life……It’s my Birthday……

Today is my Birthday!

I would like to thank God for my life and for the many incredible people and blessings he has given me.

I wrote a blog two years ago that I am reminded of today.

Why be Catholic? With all the corruption in the Catholic Church……… 

In it I wrote about the fact that if it were not for the teachings of the Catholic Church I would not be here today. You see both of my parents grew up Catholic and are very devout. That does not mean they are perfect or pious and those of you who know them can attest to that. As a matter of fact I don’t ever remember them saying they were. They just tried to live life and be good parents and good Catholics. I told my Mom how blessed she was that after trying for a girl all those times and having boys she finally got her girl. Well she told me that it was not because they were trying for a girl that I was born, it was that the rhythm method did not work that time.


You see that is how I know for sure I am a true gift from God, he planned it not my parents. It was because they were faithful Catholics, they saw my birth as that as well, A blessing from God. No matter how hard it was I was still a blessing.

For that I am forever grateful.

Kind of like Gianna Jensen says….”I’m his girl” 

In the Huggins home life was not always easy but my Mom and Dad had the faith and knowledge to know that they took a vow to each other and with Christ in the “Sacrament of Marriage”. Through good times and bad, sickness and in health they would be together. That is the teaching of the Catholic Church and they lived it and still do to this day.

And after 50+ years this is the home they have built on earth.

So today I give praise and thanksgiving to my God and for my family. It is through my parents that I have been given life and taught to build my home here on earth.

My prayer is that through the Grace of God this “Catholic in Progress” will as the great theologian Denver Moore says..”work my way toward home.”  

I have no idea what religion Denver Moore is but what I know with all my heart and soul, just as I am “God’s Girl” Mr. Moore is “God’s Boy”. Life is not easy but when we allow God to lead us we will find our way home.




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