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TINO~ Tea Party Are you OK with this kind of Video

After writing the post Texas TINO ~ Tea Party Leader In Name Only I have been truly astounded by the responses to this post. I am wondering if I am off base so I just wanted to know your opinion.

Here are some of the tweets that Katrina Pierson has put out lately.


If you are a Tea Party Leader or a member of a Tea Party is it okay with you for a Tea Party Leader who the media looks to for a professional opinion on the Tea Party to put out this kind of video through her social media networks. Caution the language and content is very offensive.

Retweeted by Katrina Pierson
  In this video the F-word is used several times and they mock the grieving process that the Santorum family went through with the lose of their son.
1:57 PM – 19 Mar 12 via web · Details
Rick Santorum – The Wrong Choice For America  

Personally I am not only embarrassed for the Tea Party movement which I am a part of but I am offended as a Mom. I would not in my wildest dreams put out something like this about any candidate. Republican or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative.

Let me know what you think and answer this poll.




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