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The Women On the Wall will take on CSCOPE ~ National Security ~ Illegal Immigration and Guns tomorrow at 10 AM CST

Women On The Wall Radio ~ WBTM Guest Lisa Benson

Women On the Wall Radio with hosts Rebecca Forest and Alice Linahan has a mission to Seek the TruthShare the Truth and Stand For The Truth. Tomorrow we take on the issues that matter to the safety and security of our children and we don’t hold back!! 

We believe that the women of America play a central role in the protection and security of our sovereign nation. The grandmothers, mothers, daughters, and sisters of American women of all political persuasions, age and race are the stewards of the home and hearth and will stop at nothing to defend and protect their families and their country.

We are the daughters and granddaughters of the women of America’s GREATEST generation.  They answered the call to save America and the world from Hitler’s horrific plan for humanity. Once again, America was awakened.  Since 9/11, our nation’s women have been vigilantly standing watch, calling attention to the dangers facing our children and our homeland.

CSCOPE, Dan Patrick, Women On The Wall and the 2nd Amendment. Tomorrow morning we will have Donna Garner on the show to take on the issue of CSCOPE ~ What it means for Texas Children, Who is behind it and why it must be stopped. 

DONNA GARNER - Educator for 33 years, appointed by President Reagan, Now Activist Writer

DONNA GARNER – Educator for 33 years, appointed by President Reagan, Now Activist Writer

Breaking News~ 

The Texas State Board of Education meets this coming Wednesday. At that time, two crucial people will be chosen for the three-member Executive Committee. Those three people determine the agendas and which members become committee chairs.  Barbara Cargill is the chair of the SBOE and of the Executive Committee, but there are only three on the Executive Committee. If Thomas Ratliff, who is on the Board illegally, is chosen as the Vice Chair and one more left leaner is chosen as the Secretary, then Texas Children and their future is at great risk. 


CSCOPE ~ Sen. Dan Patrick~ WomenOnTheWall.org and the 2nd Amendment

We are excited to announce our friend and colleague Lisa Benson will do a weekly National Security briefing on the WOW radio show. Lisa is a National Security Hawk and Mom who understands the threats we face. 

Tomorrow Lisa’s segment is titled :  “Houston, We Have A Problem.” 

Countering Iran: A Bill Signed, Sealed, But Will It Deliver?

Written by: Lisa E. Benson, January 17, 2013

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WomenOnTheWall.org has begun a nationwide media campaign to call on Women across America to stand together to defend our Nation from threats both foreign and domestic. The video linked above is for you to share with your friends and neighbors so they will understand the true nature of the threats we face.

Click to take a pledge HERE to STAND with Women across America!

If you can donate $10, $20 or $50 right now, we’ll have the funds to build and Wall of Women to SEEK THE TRUTH – SHARE THE TRUTH AND STAND FOR THE TRUTH.



Knowledge is Power and together we can make the difference!!

Alice Linahan

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