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The Time for Prayer and Unity is Now-Join us June 22nd at the Texas Capitol

Our Nation Campaign
For Immediate Release:

Call to Action for God’s People to Arise

Austin, Texas— On June 22, 2013 Pastors and Citizens from across the state and from beyond will gather in Prayer and Unity in the Texas State Capitol Auditorium. Click Here for map of the Capitol. 

From our history Americans understand that when men and women with values- even when they believe in different theologies come together to fight for and pray for America, America wins!!

Under the banner of the Our Nation Campaign men and women from across Texas will meet at the Texas Capitol to encourage our nation to come together for one common cause “Unity in the body of Christ”. 

To have a great nation, we must first know how to be a strong body, stated Cynthia Skief, Our Nation Campaign, Project Director

Our Body is broken- Dr. Rick Scarborough founder of Vision America noted “In light of the recent scandals in Washington, DC, never has there been more of a need for true Americans, particularly pastors, to stand up for liberty.”

For many years the division among us as it relates to Religious preferences, Political Parties, Economical Status, Racism, and Cultural differences has greatly impacted our nation. Why do we focus on the things that divide us, rather than focus on the one who united us? 

With that in mind this event will host praise and worship, Keynote Speaker: Dr. Rick Scarborough, and many who will inspire and motivate action for God’s People to Arise!

The event will begin at 10:00 am with praise and worship and end at 2:00 pm with a call to action for God’s People to Arise.

The MC will be Patriot Shar. The list of guest speakers includes:
Praise and Worship – Blake Garibaldi
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Rick Scarborough, Vision America
Prayers for our State, Community, Government, and our Nation will be led by Lisa Depew and Pastor Dan Cummins
Recognize Elected Officials/ Our State Texas – JoAnn Fleming 
Our Children/Youth – Pastor Jimn Kyles
Our Family – Ann Lindholm
Our Leaders – Tom Trento
Our Churches – Pastor William Owens
Our Schools – Alice Huggins Linahan
Our Community/ Our City – Pastor Stephen Broden
Our Nation – KrisAnne Hall

Together in Unity and Prayer we can build a strong body in the image of Christ to stand for American’s children and future generations of America.

FREE Registration at www.ournationcampaign.eventbrite.com

Twitter hash tags #Prayer&UnityTX and #OurNation \ Facebook- Our Nation Campaign

Disclaimer: We (Our Nation Campaign) are a nonpartisan event designed to bring all groups together to pray for our nation.

Is Common Core in Texas? You Bet it is. 

 Stop Common Core Presser 

Knowledge is Power and together we can make the difference!!

Alice Linahan

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Ask the question…..Education- who is taking control over our children using our tax dollars? 


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