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The Supreme Court made another very important ruling~ From the Team at Engage America

Great information below from the Team at Engage America~ 

Join me in the battles ahead with facts and information. Here is a perfect example~ I just received this from Phil my  Fair Compensation engagement specialist.

“Most of the country is focused on the recent Supreme Court ruling about health care, but the Supreme Court made another very important ruling recently about public unions. The case: Knox vs. SEIU was about whether or not unions can use their members’ dues for political fundraising without notifying them first.  In what was seen as victory for individual freedom, the Supreme Court ruled that unions do have to notify their members if their dues are going to be used for political purposes.

To read more about what the ruling means going forward, check out this piece on Point of Law:http://bit.ly/KRcQGT

Ultimately this is a good thing. We see that many union members don’t hold the same political views of their unions (), so allowing unions to force them to use their dues in such a fashion would have been very troubling. Thankfully the Supreme Court agreed.

Last week Stockton, CA became the largest city in the country to declare for bankruptcy .The Wall Street Journal wrote a piece looking at what is to blame: http://on.wsj.com/LuKiV4

From the article:

The city has a little over $300 million in general-fund backed debt, but an $800 million unfunded liability for pensions and retiree health benefits… Stockton likewise offers a rebuke to those who don’t believe that union entitlements can drive governments to insolvency

We saw this happen in Rhode Island, and just today, another CA city, Mammoth Lakes, filed for bankruptcy. If we don’t see sustainable pension reform, we’re bound to see this perturbing trend continue.

As always, let me know if you have any questions about the issues.

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