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The Right Candidate — “Ready To Roll”

By Donna Garner

DONNA GARNER - Educator for 33 years, appointed by President Reagan, Now Activist Writer

It seems that in our country, there is still a sense among the Republicans, conservatives, and independents that the right contender for the Presidency has not yet stepped forward.  

It is as if people are holding their collective breath, waiting for just the right person to emerge.  

Some people feel a sense of dissatisfaction with the announced candidates and a fear that Obama might be elected once again because the right candidate to beat him has not announced yet.   

I highly respect the announced candidates — Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Herman Cain, and Rick Santorum; but I believe the best candidate has not announced YET. However, she may be about to launch —  Sarah Palin! 

(Please see the excerpts from 8.21.11, The Washington Times –posted further on down the page.) 

Could Sarah Palin win? 

We all remember the huge surge in John McCain’s campaign when Sarah joined him as the Vice-Presidential nominee. She brought his dying campaign to life; and people were heard all around the United States saying, “I wish Sarah were the Presidential nominee instead of John McCain.”  Even though the media vilified Sarah Palin, the grassroots loved her. By the way, these are the same grassroots voters who caused a conservative tsunami on Nov. 2, 2010.

First and foremost, Sarah Palin knows she must turn to God as her source of wisdom and strength; and she is a strong, unapologetic Christian who understands that she is dependent upon Him.

One great advantage of having Sarah run for the Presidency is that there is nothing that the liberal leftists could say about Sarah Palin that has not already been said. This means no October surprises and no catastrophic disclosures the day before election day in Nov. 2012 that could take our candidate down.

The entire country has watched while the Palin family has been brutalized by the press and the liberal Democrats.  Yet Sarah, Todd, and their family members have prevailed against all the leftist political pundits.  

Photo courtesy of Kellowin Blog

Sarah did not crumble under pressure.  In her book Going Rogue, she gave a detailed description of what really happened during the Katie Couric interview.  It was this politically motivated and calculated plan by the liberal media elite that labeled Sarah Palin as a dummy; but for those millions since then who have watched Sarah for almost two years as a capable news analyst on Fox News, we know she is no dummy.  

In fact, it turns out that it is Katie Couric who has gone steadily down in TV ratings while Sarah Palin has become a popular expert and analyst on issues that cover both domestic and international issues.  

Sarah is totally unpredictable; the liberal news media hates this because they never know where she is going to go and what she is going to say or do.  They cannot do their usual media spin because she does not crave their attention and has created her own social media network through which to communicate her message.  She is not dependent upon the Katie Courics of this world.  

Palin is touchingly honest and transparent; nobody has to guess where she stands on an issue.  Yet she can explain her position with a smile on her face, and she transmits to other people that she believes there is real hope for America .

Sarah is a strong and unbending supporter of the U. S. military and of all the sacrifices they and their families are experiencing.  She and her family have walked through many of these same traumatic experiences themselves, and they realize how important it is for the United States to remain a strong military presence in the world.   

Sarah is a down-to-earth person who understands common people because she is one of us.  She appeals to grassroots voters because she knows how to scrub the toilets, do the laundry, cook economically for a family, change diapers, and struggle to provide for a family during difficult economic times.  

Palin’s own personal experiences as a child and as a married adult have prepared her well to step into the White House with a sense of awe and a commitment to help Americans get back to work.  She has the personal will to reshape America in the right way and to elevate our oft-times sexualized culture.

Palin has come through the trenches.  She has a wide-and-deep resume.  She started out as a kitchen-table reformer, the mayor of her town, the chair of Alaska ’s oil conservation agency, and then the first woman and youngest person ever to be elected as Governor of Alaska .

While Governor, Palin stood up against the Country Club Republicans and the Big-Spending Democrats alike.

Sarah helped Alaska to gain energy independence and revitalized Alaska ’s public school funding structure as well as implement ethics reform.

Palin managed to negotiate a contract through the Alaskan legislature that awarded TransCanada Alaska with a contract to build a massive pipeline stretching for 1,715 miles from the treament plant in Prudhoe Bay all the way to Alberta , Canada .

Alaskans had dreamed of such a venture for 30 years, but Sarah Palin hard-nosed this contract through in two years because she was not afraid to stand up to the wealthy oil moguls on both sides of the aisle.  

Palin respects wealthy millionaires, but she does not let their power and wealth corrupt her good judgment.  Just think what a welcome relief such a person would make in the White House and in the Beltway.

Why did Sarah quit as the Governor of Alaska ?  In a page right out of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, the politics of personal destruction commenced big-time under the influence of Rahm Emanuel.  Rabble-rousing leftist journalists, Socialists, and just plain embittered people came out of the woodwork to file litigation against Sarah. At one time she and her husband had more than $500,000 in attorneys’ bills — much more than her total salary for all the time she was Governor of Alaska .  

However, the even bigger problem was that Sarah and her staff were having to spend all their time providing documentation and answering open records requests to settle ethics complaints which kept them from being able to carry on the business of running Alaska well.  Sarah explained her quandary when she said in her book:

The truth is that the obstructionists figured out a way to inflict a heavy personal financial toll on their opponents at no cost to themselves.  In Alaska , the governor and the executive staff have to hire attorneys at their own expense to defend themselves against ethics charges, no matter how frivolous, malicious, or ill conceived an ethics complaint may be…Financial hardship is painful but bearable. Loss of reputation I can take. But I could not and cannot tolerate watching Alaska suffer.  One by one, each ethics complaint aganst me was tossed out. But a new one quickly sprouted to take its place. I knew it wouldn’t stop and the ongoing cost to our system plagued me.

Sarah resigned as Governor and put the state of Alaska in the capable hands of Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell whom she had carefully mentored to take her position, and she stated in her book, “I knew we had just done the right thing for Alaska .”   

At last count, Sarah’s book, Going Roque, had sold over one million copies.  That means it has been in the hands of tens of thousands of potential voters.

Palin’s book Going Rogue was not written by a ghostwriter either because the phraseology is Sarah’s voice.  The book reads the same way that Sarah talks, and only she could have related the intensely personal details about her past life and about the McCain election.  

As I was reading the book, I found myself shaking my head and saying, “Ah, now I understand what was really happening behind the scenes at the same time that the Democrats and liberal news media were shredding Sarah and her reputation.”

Sarah is bluntly honest in her book, in her speeches, in her blogs, and on TV.  Sarah Palin’s Alaska reached over 5 million viewers. Palin is physically, mentally, and spiritually tough.  She is self-disciplined and has demonstrated the Alaskan ruggedness that so many Americans admire.  Remember that those 5 million + viewers represent huge numbers of potential voters in Nov. 2012.

The American people feel as if they know Sarah Palin; and the public appreciates honesty and humbleness in their elected leaders, particularly after watching the arrogant, prideful, extravagant, and pompous occupants who now reside in the White House.  

Sarah understands the value of old-fashioned hard work both physically and mentally. Her stamina comes from having lived a healthy lifestyle out-of-doors, and she has an immense appreciation for God’s marvelous world.   America would benefit from having a sensible but sensitive environmentalist in the White House.  

Sarah has a compelling life story and has walked the talk, making the difficult choices; and then instead of whining about the difficulties, she has exhibited an inner peace that exudes to those around her.

Sarah Palin has great name recognition.  Everyone knows her.  Love her or hate her — they still know her name.  Campaign strategists earn their living trying to establish the name recognition of their candidates because they know when people go into that voting booth, name recognition plays a huge role in their choice.   

A plus for Sarah Palin is that she already has a campaign organization and has large amount of funds in her war chest; she is ready to roll with millions of volunteers who believe in her cause.  

Sarah is a superb campaigner and can energize a crowd like no other candidate I know. Please watch this video from the Ames , Iowa fair; and see if you believe that Sarah has the ability to put “fire in the belly” of voters to get them out to the polls to vote for her in Nov. 2012. 


Photo Courtsey of Washington Times

GOP field likely to get more crowded

Perry’s entry not strong enough to close door

By David Eldridge

The Washington Times

Excerpts from this article:

Rick Perry’s splashy entrance into the GOP presidential race was supposed to turn the contest into a showdown between the Texas governor and front-runner Mitt Romney.

Instead, the Texan’s up-and-down week on the stump may have opened the door for other last-minute contenders, including former Alaska Gov. Sarah PalinRep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin andNew Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Republican consultant Karl Rove was one of several pundits, political reporters and GOPoperatives who speculated Sunday that the field could expand.

Mr. Rove, who criticized Mr. Perry’s blunt style last week, said Sunday that he thinks Mrs. Palinis in.

In an interview on “Fox News Sunday,”Mr. Rove said the former Alaska governor’s upcoming slate of appearances “looks like that of a candidate, not a celebrity.”

“Her difficulty is if she doesn’t get in shortly after next week, then I think people are going to basically say, ‘She’s not in, she won’t be in and if she gets in, I’m not going to be for her.’ You can only tease so many times in the political process, and I think she’s getting to the end of that,” he said…

Political observers, including Mr. Rove, have speculated that Mrs. Palin could make an announcement about her candidacy on Sept. 3, when she is scheduled to be the keynote speaker at a large tea party gathering in Iowa .

The event was moved recently from Waukee , Iowa , to a venue in Indianola , Iowa , to accommodate what is expected to be a larger crowd.

Mrs. Palin and Mr. Giuliani have said they are considering last-minute entrances into the race.

The buzz around Mrs. Palin was stoked last week with the release by her political action committee of a slick, campaign-style video of the former Alaska governor working the enthusiastic crowds a few days earlier at the Iowa State Fair. The patriotic video closes with a sunset-lit shot of a roaring grizzly.

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