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The record shows Rinos in Texas- Top 3 most liberal Senators include a Republican

Photo Courtsey of Tea Party 911

Texas Senator Bob Deuell of District 2 has the distinguished honor of being one of the top 3 most liberal Senators in the state. The challenge is he is says he is a Republican and there are Conservative Republicans who have endorsed him. The “Good Ole Boy” Party in Texas


From Ray Myers; Kaufman County Tea Party. 

What is a RINO?  A Democrat that runs as a Republican– better yet– who runs as a Conservative. We have been trying to educate our voters on just who we can trust. Check out this excerpt from the Texas Tribune. This study from the Rice University Political Science Department verifies what Tea Party Conservatives have been saying to our constitutes all along. “Bob Deuell is no Conservative!”  See the article for yourself.
Deuell is ranked with Two Liberal Democrats —-
 “Mark P. Jones, chair of Rice University’s political science department, has developed rankings of Texas state senators based on their votes during the regular and special sessions this year. According to his analysis, the most conservative senator was Brian Birdwell, R-Granbury, while the most liberal was Rodney Ellis, D-Houston. Bob Deuell, R-Greenville, and Carlos Uresti, D-San Antonio..” 
A step further– State Rep Lance Gooden is no Conservative—his greatest contributorin the past session was Steve Mostyn, Democrat Trial Lawyer — and a huge Obama supporter who promotes Socialist ideology daily.
It is time to wake up! Help us spread the word — Let’s elect honest people we can trust. Tell ten neighbors and friends!!!!
“We will not return the principles of government that our founding fathers decreed unless we change the present leadership.”- Ray Myers
It is time to Elect the RIGHT Bob 

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