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The Opposition to Joe Straus Grows and Some Republicans are Caught~

As our friend over at AgendaWise.com Weston Hicks states…. “The conservative movement in Texas is alive and well.”

The question is are all Conservatives ready and willing to fight the good fight to save Texas from the “Moderate Establishment” that is working hard to keep the status quo and take Texas down the road the rest of the country is heading?

First let’s start by reporting on events and what is happening across the state as the Grassroots calls on Texas State Reps. to Oust Straus!

“Stop me if you have heard this one before. Two Republican State Representatives hold a town hall to gather input from their constituents on Texas House leadership…Oh, you have heard this before! Well, I am not surprised because the same story seems to keep repeating in town halls across the State.” ~Dale Huls (ClearLake Tea Party Leader) 

The Central Texas Tea Party is taking action to expose the corruption in the Speakers race.  

Joe Straus ~ “Abuse of Power” in the People’s House

Ralph Sheffield Below is a “Letter to the Editor “– Abuse of Power in the People’s House was submitted by Billy Rowton in Temple , Texas.  The letter was created in collaboration with members of the Central Texas Tea Party.

The peddling of influence to include giving campaign contributions and promises of power in return for support is not only disgraceful; it’s against the law in Texas.  So is the act of punishing legislators.  Speaking to civic groups, State Representative Ralph Sheffield has often talked about the inner workings of Austin not realizing he was confusing “abuse of power” for political savvy.  He told one group that Speaker Joe Straus punished “R’s” and “D’s”1 (Republicans and Democrats). Later he changed his story; “It’s not punishment; it’s just part of the process.”  

 This abuse of power stifles our ability to base legislation solely on merit.  The issue was significant enough for the Party Platform to call for representatives “to hold public town hall meetings in which the voters can express their wishes and thoughts about the leadership for the 83rd Session.”  This is in alignment with the “consent of the governed” appeal in our Declaration of Independence.  

 Recently, constituents in Ralph Sheffield’s district requested the town-hall meeting as specified by the platform, and they were met with an unconcerned politician beholden to Speaker Straus.  We shouldn’t be surprised by Sheffield’s rejection of his constituents.  Once money is accepted from the Speaker and choice committee assignments 3 have been received, one can only expect that cronyism would overpower principle.  

Abuse of power and unprincipled politicians are the greatest threat facing our nation and state.  The fast-approaching election of the next Texas Speaker of the House will speak volumes about how we stand in Texas.

Billy RowtonTemple, Texas 

As reported in Clear Lake Texas…

Texas Leadership Town Hall with Rep. John Davis and Rep.-elect Greg BonnenMake no mistake; Rep. Davis is a staunch supporter of Speaker Straus. He repeatedly espoused his position on the Speaker throughout the primary season. He has firmly and repeatedly told his constituents multiple times that he will support the Speaker. With that said, why would Rep. Davis hold a town hall to garner voter input for the Speaker’s race? His decision has already been made. Was it to really listen to his constituents about why they are requesting a change in the Republican House leadership or was it to explain away the public’s question regarding Straus and to justify why he supports re-electing the Speaker? Unfortunately, the night’s questioning only revealed the Straus talking points that you can hear at practically any other Republican State Rep town hall meant to allow the public to voice their opinions. These talking points consisted of:

  • Joe Straus is a “conservative.” The proof of which was that he had worked in the Reagan Administration, he has always been a Republican, and in the last session he oversaw the passage of the sonogram bill, voter ID, and defunded planned parenthood.

Yet, wasn’t the passage of this conservative legislation the result of the Governor’s special topics and a determined group of Republican legislators who planned and executed a remarkable strategy to defund Planned Parenthood. The best that can be said about the Speaker’s role in passing this legislation was that he didn’t try to kill it in the face of a Republican super-majority  However, there are numerous examples of conservative bills being stymied by Straus Committee chairs and the most egregious being Speaker Straus’ personally blocking the TSA Anti-Groping Bill that was passed unanimously by the House both Republican and Democrat. 

The political establishment/PR Consultants seem to have their troops falling in line. But the grassroots are calling them out on it time after time across the state. Here is an account of what happened at the Davis/Bonnen town hall.

“Eva, one of our very active, & vocal, member’s made a comment in response to something Davis had said. When he stated that he was voting for Straus because we just didn’t know how things work and Straus knows how to get things done. She made a point that I had not thought of yet. 
Eva told Davis, “How dare you insult my intelligence by telling me that I do not know how “things” work in the TX House! You may be privy to information that we don’t have access to but I have been in your office numerous times, walked the halls, followed bills, lobbied, have watched votes, from the gallery, and have met with you outside the gallery doors. Do not tell me that I am not smart enough to know what is going on in Austin.” It was epic!” 

In Johnson and Bosque County Conservative Voters are taking action. After a townhall meeting where Rep. Rob Orr says he will support Joe Straus a full page color ad was taken out in the local paper (Burleson Star).

Barry Schlech is asking…. “Why would the citizenry of Texas or any fellow House member support a man who was

Why?…money?, influence?, power?, enhancing his business enterprises? Are these his motivations? Of course they are!”

#SpeakerShowdown is underway in the #Txlege

Interesting to note Kenneth Sheets and Cindy Burkett came out at a town-hall meeting as well in support of Straus. Reports from grassroots leaders who attended the Garland event stated.

“I attended the so-called “Town Hall Meeting” put on by Representative Cindy Burkett, Kenneth Sheets and Representative Linda Harper Brown.

To be blunt, I was insulted, horrified and finally outraged by what transpired at this event, and now more than ever it is clear that true conservative Texans need to be awake, aware and constantly vigilant if we are ever going to restore the will of the people as the guidance in our governance.

Rather than conduct a real, constructive Townhall Meeting, the Legislators decided to generate more fear and acrimony about coming changes in the national scene, and then offer the same old “tax break” dog and pony show regarding property taxes that so many of us have seen before, as their “offset” to the coming Obamalypse!” 

As you can see the Texas Grassroots/Tea Party folks are awake and taking notice to what is happening on the ground in Texas.

What will be interesting to see is whether the Texas State Representatives will wake up to reality?

True Texas Conservatives are once again saying “Joe Straus Must Go” as Texas House Speaker in 2013! The Texas Tea Party delivered on their promises during Speaker Showdown I in 2011 when the battle cry became “Conservative House Speaker Or Your Seat.” Though Straus took out 3 key conservative who voted against him in 2011 known as “The Texas 15″ through his REDISTRICTING RETRIBUTION Straus LOST MANY more of his Lieutenants.”

As Weston Hicks with Agenda Wise states clearly is that a vote for  Straus is even less defensible in-district. He has raised the price for House conservatives to vote for him.

“But, as a matter of fact, the House isn’t the same as last time. It is better. Straus dynamics aside, the House has many more conviction conservatives. This makes the speaker race stronger this time.

Finally, if transparency and accountability are good things, running a speaker race, regardless of the outcome, is excellent for the state of Texas.

This is because normal order in politics is to have a small band of unapologetic bad guys in the legislature, a small band of unapologetic good guys in the legislature, and a huge ambiguous middle who are relatively unsorted.

The speaker’s race changes all of that. It basically provides Texans rankings for the entire House. Who has guts, and did they have it early, middle, or late?

And anyway, the original conservative movement took 30 years to win on the national level.

The reinvigorated Texas conservative movement will take nowhere near as long, but must possess the patience and resolve the original movement had, if it is to provide strength to America.

This type of resolve creates an Obi-Wan Kenobi effect. A battle loss is a win, because it serves to inform average citizens of what kind of reinforcements are needed. Losses become movement accounting and team-building.

Without bold, consistent moves like these, the movement operates in the dark.

Tired and cowardly conservatives who are out talking down the speaker’s race know not the forces they are playing with.

If they were to crush the speaker race, as they have already failed at doing, they would sink Texas squarely into Obama’s hopeless America with 46 other states. It would be left to three states, and none of them mighty Texas, to reignite hope for Americans who love America as founded.

It is our responsibility to cultivate the flame, not to lay down arms and walk willingly into Obama’s America.

Every conservative politician and activist first got involved to fix the system. The argument against the speaker race boils down to “leave the system alone”.

This isn’t good enough. Conservatives with a fighting spirit are ready for battle, and will benefit from their boldness. Conservatives who can’t stomach the fight should step aside for someone who understands where we are in time, and what is needed.” 

If you are ready to take a stand call your State Representative today  Here is a list of them. Tell them to vote for the most Conservative Candidate in the Race for Speaker; David Simpson and then join us in Austin Jan. 7th and 8th.

Click Photo for more details.

Knowledge is Power and together we can make the difference!!

Alice Linahan

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