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The Lessons ~ The Blessings and The Fears~ Election 2012

Folks it is time to get to work for our country. I am going to start in my own back yard and I challenge you to do the same.

Jeremiah 29:11 

‘For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.    

Lessons learned during the 2012 election~ 

Rick Santorum who I had the honor to get to know was his best when he was on the ground driving from county to county talking to the people. What you saw consistently was when people got to know him and hear his message of Faith, Family and Freedom it resonated. Lesson to learn, go back to the people!  

Money matters in building a ground game but it must be used wisely and not used to pay political consultants  who are so far removed from the people that they have no clue how to actually reach the voters. Money does not build a ground game, people do! The proof, Romney could not buy votes, he needed to earn them and earn them from people who were not Republicans.

I want to share with you one of my greatest gifts over the last 3 years. His name is Kenard Tompkins and he is a Democrat and as he says… “A Huge Obama supporter.”

Photo courtesy of Kenard Tompkins FB

I met Kenard  Oct. 16th 2009 at Texas A&M when Obama was speaking there. I was quite upset that Obama was there and that former President Bush was who had invited him. Here is a post that I wrote at the time. 12th Man call to Freedom, Obama scheduled to speak at Texas A&M/ Updated!! 

Kenard and I had the opportunity to meet that day and discuss issues. When we left I gave him my card and we have stayed in touch ever since. We do not agree on many issues but I can tell you I have the utmost respect for Kenard. He is honest, unlike many in the political class on both the Republican and Democrat side who say one thing to get our vote and then do another.

On Wednesday after the election I received a message through Facebook from Kenard and he was checking to see how I was doing. I want to share our exchange with you because I think he is so insightful and we can learn from him.

    • How are you doing Alice? Just wanted to check up on ya! I know politically we may be different, seeing how I’m a Democrat and a STRONG OBAMA supporter, but I just wanted to say that the Republican and Tea Party also have to realize that the dynamics of the country are changing. You can’t alienate the Hispanics, Blacks, and Women! This country is no longer run by only white males, the Republican party comes across as fighting only for that population, and AMERICA will no longer put up with that! I believe you have an amazing way to relate to other groups, which is why you and I are able to come to like terms. I think your party as well as the Republican party should learn from your example, then maybe they’ll perform better on the national level! Until then, there’s always room on the Democratic side…Moving FORWARD… 4 MORE YEARS! (You’re one of the good ones though!) 🙂:).

      Here is my response….. 

    • Hey Kenard~
      Thank you so much for your message and encouragement. I am well, a little tired today.
      You are right the Republican Party and especially the political consultants need to have a come to Jesus moment.My greatest fear is National Security and that is where I will put my focus now. It is the one issue that we can all come together on. Moms will do what it takes to protect our children from terrorists. Political Party does not matter.What do you think about Benghazi?As the facts about what happened there come out I fear for our nation. That is why Obama to me is such a danger. It is not only about the social issues or even the economy. If we get hit again by terrorists the economy does not matter.You are a dear friend and I value your friendship. We may not agree but we are honest with each other. That is what is important!!Let’s keep fighting the good fight and agree where we can.I think by doing that you and I can do more to save our nation than any elected official.Let’s definitely keep in touch!! Blessings my friend!! AliceKenard’s response…. 
    • I haven’t really been reading up on the Benghazi issue, but believe me, I will surely look into it. That’s what I like about you, you keep me up on issues and events that are usually overlooked, and I appreciate that! 


Pat Caddell was so right! But who is he talking about is a threat to America? 

It is not people like my friend Kenard. It is not all of those people who voted for Obama. Many of them being our children and grandchildren who we have paid for them to be indoctrinated at our schools from grade school up through College.

Folks it is time to face reality. Ignorance is bliss until reality hits and reality is already beginning to hit.

Kenard did not know about Benghazi. Do you know what happened in Beghazi? If you do, do your friends and neighbors know about Benghazi? Have you taken the time to educate yourself on the issues that can and will effect your life? If we are not out there talking about these issues outside of our echo chamber how are we going to protect our children from a future where the American dream does not exist.

Do you know the word sequestration? A U.S. legal procedure in which automatic spending cuts are triggered, notably implemented in the Budget Control Act of 2011 

Obama lied during the last Presidential debate and this reality is going to hit Americans hard. 

“President Barack Obama startled Washington during Monday night’s foreign policy debate when he said billions in automatic Pentagon cuts “will not happen” — a line that could weaken his bargaining power during an epic spending and tax fight expected when Congress returns.

Obama was responding to criticism from Republican rival Mitt Romney that American national security is at risk if the defense cuts are triggered in early January.”

The Reality~ The CBO warned, the media did not cover it and Americans were not informed voters.  

Frank Gaffney writes… “The Congressional Budget Office made news yesterday by warning of a return to economic recession next year if politicians in Washington cannot resolve their budget impasse.  Roughly two million jobs may be lost shortly after the election if there is no relief from the across-the-board spending cuts imposed by the so-called “sequestration” mechanism.

One would think that such a prospect might concentrate the minds of the political class. After all, if Americans realize before the election that there will be millions of pink slips handed out after they cast their ballots, they may give plenty of them to office-holders.”

Knowledge is power ~ As Pat Caddell also says….. 

The last three years I have been working at the ground level training grassroots activists to be information pushers. I along with others like me have had the door closed on us when it comes to funding because we were told the moderate political consultants on the Republican side know best how to win elections.  Well the reality is they do not.

Obama and his community organizing strategy works best. Many of us knew that.  The same week I put out a call for funding communication teams across the country this was the news of the week. OBAMA CAMPAIGN LAUNCHES ‘TRUTH TEAMS’

This is not a I told you so article, well okay this is a I told you so article.

The question is where do we go from here…….Learn the lessons, forgive and thank God for the incredible network we have all been building, face our reality and our fears head on and get to work.

Word of warning to those running for office in the future. I would suggest that you go back to the basics and forget about the big media for now. Question~ Have you ever met someone like my friend Kenard and built a relationship outside of the political class. I would suggest you try it. Kenard is a really smart kid who is looking for the truth.

As for me I am taking on the issues that matter to women. The real War Women care about, the safety and security of our nation from threats both foreign and domestic.

Currently I am facing my greatest fear head on. The Issue that Brings us Together ~ National Security

Knowledge is Power. We must get educated on the issues and not allow the mainstream media to drive the narrative.

Last week I was on Mark Davis’ show talking about the latest WomenOnTheWall.org national security video. You can hear that interview here. 

Ask yourself what is the one issue that can bring Americans together? Especially in light of the fact that the Benghazi hearings will be starting.

Whether you are a Liberal Mom, a Conservative Mom, a Republican or a Democrat you will do exactly what these Moms in Israel do on a daily basis. You will protect your children from terrorist attacks.


We are not going to elect someone to save us that is apparent. Therefore we must save ourselves. I have been saying this for a while.  I encourage you to watch the videos at www.WomenOnTheWall.org. It is even more a reality now that we have re-elected a man who watched the murder of 4 American soldiers, lied about it and the media let him get away with it. If you can donate to help us stand on the wall please do, if you can’t please still watch and share it with others so we can get the numbers up on the videos.

Women On the Wall National Security Video

Click photo to watch Women On the Wall’s Video

I can no longer volunteer my time training and building communication teams and networks for free. I have a responsibility to take care of my children and their future financially. If your group or organization is interested in the Voices Empower workshop and training please contact me at alice@voicesempower.com for pricing.

 Knowledge is Power and together we can make the difference!!

Alice Linahan

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  1. Kenard Tompkins Says:

    Great article! You stand firm in your beliefs, but yet have the uncanny ability to cross political lines and build bridges with the opposite side, as you have done with myself. I can only hope that Our President can do the same with Congress to better serve the American people! I applaud your commitment to the “Truth” and despite our differences politically, I cherish your friendship and mentorship, and I support several of your causes. I look forward to working with some of your initiatives in the future, and pray that we continue to be model citizens. You’ve shown yourself to be a true American, and even more, a true FRIEND!!!

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