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The “Good Ole Boy” Party in Texas

How the “Party of the Incumbents” Tries to Keep Challengers Out of Government 

by Mary Lou Bruner 

Recently Dan Flynn got an A+ Report Card from a group of impressive Conservative Organizations in Texas.  But many Texans are wondering how someone who got an A+ Report Card for his conservative stand on the issues could back someone who got “F’s” and failing grades from most conservative organizations… Why would someone who consistently votes conservative support a man such as Bob Deuell who consistently votes with the liberal Democrats?   

We cannot understand why Dan Flynn has endorsed Bob Deuell, a RINO with the following liberal record.

*Bob Deuell proposed raising taxes and fees to balance the budget.  He did this recently during the        82nd legislative session.

*Bob Deuell continues to advocate for a significant increase in the tax on gasoline.

*Bob Deuell has consistently voted for bills which expanded government intrusion in the private sector.

*In March of this year Bob Deuell proposed using the entire Rainy Day Fund to help balance the budget.

*Bob Deuell introduced legislation to use taxpayer money to buy needles for drug users.

*Bob Deuell prefers appointed judges instead of elected judges. Electing judges prevents cronyism and makes judges more accountable to the people rather than to a party or a politician.

*Bob Deuell sponsored a bill in the 81st legislative session which would allow the VOTERS       LIVING INSIDE THE CITY LIMITS to levy a special tax on CITIZENS LIVING OUTSIDETHE CITY LIMITS.  This amounts to taxation without representation.

*Bob Deuell was instrumental in blocking the appointment of a Christian Conservative as Chairman of the State Board of Education during the 82nd legislative session.

Why is Dan Flynn, a conservative, supporting a RINO like Bob Deuell who might as well be a Democrat considering his voting record?   Perhaps there is a logical answer.

Photo courtesy of Deborah Cannon AMERICAN-STATESMAN

Perhaps Dan Flynn is supporting Bob Deuell because they are both members of the “Party of the Incumbents”, a group of “elitists” and “good ole boys from both political parties” who help each other get re-elected year after year, after year regardless of the effectiveness of the incumbent or his or her voting record.   It seems like a conservative would want to support other conservatives instead of a liberal RINO legislator who consistently votes for higher taxes, bigger government, and more restrictions and regulations. 

We must get the attention of Incumbents who believe “Politics as Usual” is acceptable.  Some of them must be fired because they have failing grades.  Bob Deuell is one wh
o should be fired.

Watch this video and be ready for the battles ahead.


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