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Thanksgiving Holiday Call To Action – Generation Mentor

As Jason Hoyt says…..
“Let’s use this Thanksgiving Holiday as an opportunity to reach family members, talk about our country, and talk about how to get each other plugged into the conversation so we can do something about it!”

Knowledge is power! The older generation has the knowledge, that is why they are showing up at Tea party/grassroots meetings but the liberal left has the power because the older generation is  not in the conversation and driving the narrative.


What can Seniors do? There are so many changes and the narrative from the Radical Left  is being pushed into our communities using technology that is new and such a challenge?

Ask your kids and grandkids for help!

Over the holidays start a conversation with your child or grandchild, ask them for help to first set up on LibertyLinked.com and then next really step outside of the box and join Facebook.

When I speak I give this analogy…..

The Radical left are like drug dealers….

They have the politicians, academia and the media creating the content and the propaganda…..
Then they have the Acorn like organizations providing the pushers…….
And the “Pushers” are taking it out into our communities at the local level.
What are Conservatives doing?
Generation X 1965-1979  is working and taking care of their families, many times they are not allowed to be on social media sites at work and then they are told they cannot talk about politics and religion. Political correctness run amok!
The Baby Boomer 1946-1964  and the Silent Generation 1925-1945  are just that silent. You have been shut out of the conversation.
Americans it is time we clean up our streets and neighborhoods and stop the addiction to the propaganda. Break the cycle of Dependency!
Voices Empower along with LibertyLinked.com has a plan and you are invited to participate whether you come to one of our workshops or not.
Step up, Step Out,  Be bold, Hold to the truth and share 

WHY – How did Obama win by a 10 million vote margin in a country where the majority of its citizens proclaim to be conservative?

The Answer….. Obama’s 2008 Web 2.0 Juggernaut 

  • The 2008 Obama campaign raised $500 million+ from 3 million people giving > $200
  • Obama beat McCain 4 to 1 in fundraising & exposure on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Youtube, Myspace, Linkdin…
  • My.BarakObama.com: 400K+blogs, 200K+ searchable campaign events, 45+ volunteer groups utilizing online election tools generating  3 million volunteer hours

The Left is on the ground preparing the ground game. Just take a look at this video out last week.


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I would appreciate  the opportunity to stand side by side with you in the battles ahead!

Knowledge is Power~ Click and share with your friends!

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