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Texas Values ~ State Rep. Bryan Hughes gets it, his work shows it.

Many will remember the last battle in East Texas to defend God. 

East Texas Churches and the Tea Party Work Together for Freedom of Religion 

5,000 strong showed up in Athens, Texas this afternoon to tell a small group of Atheists from Wisconsin who felt the need to come to Texas to take down a town’s Christmas Nativity Scene, “Don’t Mess With Texas!!”

What is the biggest threat to the liberal left? 

Americans of all faiths and backgrounds coming together to fight for Freedom, especially freedom of religion.  

Below you will see what Texas State Rep. Bryan Hughes does when he is not representing his constituents at the Capital in Austin. He is still representing~

Click Photo to see Video of Bryan Hughes.

An East Texas county is calling for a decision to be made in a lawsuit one resident filed against them.

Wood County Commissioner’s Court is being sued by a Hawkins resident. That resident says the court’s prayer before meetings and the words “In God We Trust” written on the courtroom wall are unconstitutional. 

“The [United States] Supreme Court says it’s ok. Most importantly, the constitution says it’s ok and the county is doing it right,” says Bryan Hughes, one of the attorneys representing the county in the case.

In a 22-page motion, Wood County’s attorneys say the constitution is clear. They say both the “In God We Trust” display, and their routine prayer, are constitutional.

The prayer is something the county has been doing for 27 years. Hughes says the country has been doing it since day one.

“To come now and say it’s unconstitutional, when it has been part of our history since even before our constitution, the very men who wrote the constitution participated in prayer opening legislative bodies,” Hughes says.

WOOD COUNTY, TX (KLTV) –An East Texas county is calling for a decision to be made in a lawsuit one resident filed against them. Many know that in Texas Tea Party/Grassroots folks all across the state are working together to clean out the Texas establishment. State Rep. Bryan Hughes is known across the state as one of the good guys. As we say in Texas he wears a white cowboy hat. As our friend Ray Meyers talks about in the video below. It is Texas Values that will prevail.  

Texas Speaker of the House Candidate Bryan Hughes

Knowledge is Power and together we can make the difference!!  


Come and Celebrate Our Conservative Victories

September 18, 2012

Grapevine Convention Center
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Grapevine, TX

Meet & Greet with hors d’oeuvres
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9 Principled Conservatives running for State Rep from the DFW area
Scott Turner – District 33

Ron Simmons – District 65

Jeff Leach – District 67

Scott Sanford ~ District 70

Stephanie Klick – District 91

Jonathan Stickland – District 92

Matt Krause – District 93

Craig Goldman – District 97

Giovanni Capriglione – District 98

Pat Fallon – District 106

There is truly something special about this group of newly elected candidates for the Texas House. In addition to being small-government, principled conservatives, they seem to have an exceptional quality of character which most likely stems from their religious faith. Many of you know about the candidate whom you helped elect in your district but may not know about the exceptional candidates on the other side of the metroplex. So we are providing you with an opportunity to:

  • Meet and hear from all of these spectacular candidates
  • Meet, mingle and network with other conservative activists from all over the DFW area
  • Celebrate the hard work of the conservative activists that helped bring us this Awesome Victory in the Republican primary
  • Hear how you can help Republicans take back the Senate and White House

RSVP for the Meet & Greet and Program by September 13th ($5 per person)

RSVP for the Program Only by September 17th (Complimentary)

Early RSVP is strongly recommended since seating is limited

A prize will be awarded to the group that brings in the highest number of attendees so make sure to indicate your group affiliation in your RSVP. 

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