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Texas TINO ~ Tea Party Leader In Name Only

Tea Party people are tough, we are fighters, we are Patriots. We understand that now is our time to fight for our country and we want a leader who is a fighter. As Gene Healy said in his article Gingrich rise is triumph of style over substance.

“It’s the “forcefulness,” stupid!

What happens when the Right acts like the Progressive Left? After you read this article we will see what happens.

One of the things Andrew Breitbart was known for doing was retweeting the disgusting tweets that people on the left would say about him so that we could all see how disgusting  and vile they could be. So todayNewt Gingrich and his tactic of influence peddling within the Tea Party. 

Let’s take a look at what the Gingrich campaign has done in the past and is doing today.

1. Form a Tea Party advisory counsel

2. They reach out and court Tea Party leaders across the country and especially in key states such as South Carolina or leaders who have certain issues such as Agenda 21 that they can jump on board with and garner support and dedication. People who will go to battle for Newt no matter what because he is a supporter of their issue.

3. Hire Kellen Giuda as their National Coalitions Director who happens to have major connections within the Tea party movement and with leaders across the country.

4. Tea Party leaders start stepping down from their positions as leaders so they can now work with the campaign. Or they  become grassroots coordinators and assert themselves as the voice of the Tea Party media in their state. 

5. Drive the narrative that Newt is supported by the Tea Party in states such as South Carolina.

6. Take advantage of an environment such as the South Carolina Tea party Convention and during the SC Presidential debate Newt takes on the Press and becomes a victim of the press and the Tea Party crowd goes wild.

7. Drive the narrative that Newt is the only option to Romney because he has all of the support with the grassroots against the establishment. He is the only electable candidate against the Romney establishment.

8. Ask fellow Tea Party members  and Santorum supporters to urge their candidate to drop out because even though he is a good guy he just can’t win and we have all got to come together as Conservatives to beat Obama.

We all know what happened after South Carolina, voters across this country decided to look into more than just Newt’s forcefull  narrative and started seeing who the real Consistent Conservative is in the race.

Texas Tea Party we have a issue! I am writing this post with great sadness because it is hard to hold people accountable but I feel it is my duty as a Texas Tea Party activist who has worked in the trenches of the Tea Party movement to do just that. If we are going to hold elected officials accountable we must hold leaders of the Tea party accountable as well.

UPDATED: According to Katrina Pierson via twitter~ Rick Santorum is “pre 1965 with his thinking. Pro Jim crow and promotes class warfare, and his supporters are clueless religious fanatics.”

And she wants to make sure everyone watches her on TV.



Here is the situation on the ground as I see it. Some of the tactics being used are out of the left’s playbook and are truly offensive and disgusting so just like Andrew Breitbart I will expose it.

Texas Tea Party / Politics

1. Someone is funding to set up Katrina Pierson to be the voice of Texas Tea Parties.   http://www.radiosandysprings.com/showpages/TexasTeaParty.php

2. Next Newt’s campaign or his segregates are tapping into the network of  bloggers like PolitiJim’s Rant out of Houston to attack good Conservative Texas bloggers such as Rampart’s 360 who is pushing positive Santorum content. PolitiJim’s Rants is a blog that Katrina Pierson feels is okay to push content from.

PolitiJim’s Rants http://networkedblogs.com/vbMoD

3. Next they are taking on the issue of Women supporting Santorum by attacking pro Santorum Women and calling us SLUTSS.

PolitiJim’s Rants  http://networkedblogs.com/v23wS

What is truly disgusting  is some more content that Katrina Pierson is pushing out through her twitter feed. Here is an example. Caution language and content is not appropriate for children.

Retweeted by Katrina Pierson
  In this video the F-word is used several times and they mock the grieving process that the Santorum family went through with the lose of their son.
1:57 PM – 19 Mar 12 via web · Details
Rick Santorum – The Wrong Choice For America  
For someone like Katrina Pierson who is seen by Texas Media outlets such as Inside Texas Politics to put out this kind of vile content makes her no better than those on the left who would attack Andrew Breitbart. As a Tea Party Activist in Texas I call on Newt Gingrich to condemn this kind of content being pushed out by people such as Katrina Pierson who he works with on key issues like Agenda 21.
200 Conservative Leaders. and have families such as the Duggar family out there making videos like the one below.
America is ready to get back to our core values and be inspired again!
If you are ready to be inspired I invite you to click on the link below of Rick Santorum in Louisana on Sunday night. 

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8 Responses to “Texas TINO ~ Tea Party Leader In Name Only”

  1. RickisrightforAmerica Says:

    Rick is more than capable of beating MITT and OBAMA and he is the most conservative in this race..sad that the TEA PARTY says they are for less govt yet they support Gingrich who was for BAILOUTS, IND HEALTHCARE MANDATES, and he is still for Global Warming with a new book coming out in 2013…I am tired of vetting NEWT for his fans…look into what I said and think..Who Else Is for THESE ISSUES? Mitt and Obama! Rick Santorum has never been for these issues and is the only true conservative in this race..Conservatives never would side with Pelosi since 1989 on Global Warming…

  2. SC Patriot Girl Says:

    As the founder and leader of a Tea Party group in SC, I find your insinuations upsetting that someone is a “TINO” just because they are supporting Gingrich for President. So Katrina Pierson doesn’t like Santorum and has been vocal about it. So what? Would you be calling Katrina out if she was blogging about Ron Paul or Romney? Or is it just because Santorum is the target? Did you speak out when Newt was being slandered by millions of dollars in false attack ads? (And still is.) Let me tell you about our Tea Party’s decision to back Newt for President. As a Tea Party leader, I had a personal invite to meet with Newt in the summer of 2010. Yes, that is true he traveled around the country meeting with Tea Party leaders and then setting up an email group where we can interact with each other. Nevertheless, I greeted his entrance into the Presidential race with a marked lack of enthusiasm, and I will note that other members of the email group were equally vocal about his faults, and many originally supported other candidates (and some still do.) However, Newt first REALLY caught my eye with his debate performances. I also vetted him for our TP group (we vet all the candidates and make endorsements if we so choose.) His 21st Century Contract with America is a brilliant document that actually gave me some hope when I read it. Initially, all of the members of our Vetting Committee supported other candidates; but, by December it was clear that Gingrich was the only one with a chance of de-throning Romney from his heir-apparent status. (Our primary was Jan. 21.) Furthermore, several of my fellow tea party leaders had also decided that Newt was our best bet, NOT due to any sort of bribery (as we were later falsely accused of), but from their own integrity and decision-making skills. Over time, it has become increasingly apparent to me that Gingrich is the best candidate we have for saving our Republic. This is based not on the lies and distortions that are so readily available in the media, but through my own research. I resent the implication that somehow I am a “TINO” because he is my choice. Honestly, our Republic is crumbling. Don’t we have more important things to do right now than worry about fellow tea-partiers’ choice for president, and accept that without impugning them? I can only assume that Katrina is now a target since she supports Gingrich, just as myself and others became targets in SC for the same reason. Please stop trying to discredit good people who are acting from their convictions just because they differ from yours.

  3. Alice Linahan Says:

    SC Patriot,
    Thank you for taking the time to comment.
    First I said nothing about bribery.
    Second are you OK with the content like the video that Katrina pushed out through twitter. That is what this post is about and why I reference TINO. The Tea Party Leaders and members I know would never post something like that about any candidate or call supporters of another candidate religious fanatics.
    Third are you still backing Newt now that it is not possible for him to win unless it goes to a brokered convention. If the goal is to not allow Mitt Romney to win the nomination are you now supporting the only candidate who can possibly stop him from getting the nomination without going to a brokered convention?

  4. Whitney Says:

    Alice, are you oblivious to the fact that if Newt drops out, Rick has NO CHANCE of winning the nomination? Because Gingrich is participating, you are able to keep the vote from Romney. I wrote this in a comment to your previous blog post that was not “approved” but I would think Santorum supporters would have realized this fact and would keep their focus on attacing Romney. Your ONLY HOPE is a brokered convention.

  5. Alice Linahan Says:

    I am well aware that many believe if Newt drops out it would harm Santorum, and that may very well be true. I also believe that after Louisiana you will see momentum shift again in favor of Santorum. Here is the deal. This post was about vile content being pushed out by a Texas Tea Party Leader who also feels it necessary to attack Santorum and his supporters instead of pointing out Mitt Romney’s issues just as you say. If you follow my twitter feed I have consistently pointed out Romney’s issues.

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