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Texas Tea Party Revolution for Wayne Christian

Remember the Alamo March 6, 1836
Remember January 10, 2011
“Wayne Christian was there for us. Now we must be there for Him!”



If you do not realize that we are in middle of a battle for the heart of the Conservative Movement in Texas and America—you need to wake up. With his Gerrymandered redistricting plan, Joe Straus fired a direct shot at the Heart of our Grass Roots movement. 


Texas Speaker Showdown January 2011

He is trying to give us a fatal blow by “Taking-out” the Conservative’s leader in the Texas Legislature.

Straus is on a mission to destroy the Texas conservative movement and we must stop him.
“He hates the ground that we walk on and, it is obvious why Wayne Christian is the Target!”

Photo Courtesy of Ray Myers, Kaufman County Tea Party

Wayne is the leader of the Conservative Coalition—the only Rep. to get a 100% conservative rating.

Straus blames all of his problems on “Us,” — the Tea Party Activist and his strategy to come after “us”– through Wayne. This picture is crystal clear.

“He is going after our General!”  

State Rep.Jodie Laubenbergm, R-Rockwall, says “it is imperative to help Wayne raise the funds to run in his new district.”

We cannot let the enemy take our General out. To that end we have designed the, “Texas Tea Party Revolution for Wayne!” We are asking for your donation in remembrance of 1836, the year of the Alamo and San Jacinto. With your help in joining this mission,

We will win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Please send one of the following donations to help return Wayne Christian to the Texas House.
_____ $18.36
_____ $183.60
_____ $1,836.00,
Click the following link to send your donation to Wayne:

Click Photo to Donate to the Texas Style Revolution for Wayne Christian

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