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Texas Tea Parties United for Victory


June 6, 2012
Contact: Alice Linahan
Email: alice@voicesempower.com
Fort Worth, TX — Tea Parties from across the state of Texas will come together for the first ever exhibit of its kind at the Texas Republican State Convention. They have joined together to secure a 20×30 booth #324 in the main exhibit hall.
These grassroots groups are encouraging delegates, alternates and elected officials to stop by and introduce themselves so they can network and join forces for the battles ahead that face our state and our country in the 2012 elections. In addition they will be networking with other Tea Party/Grassroots groups and leaders to develop a communications network and strategy to be a force in the 83rd legislative session.
“The state delegates from the Clear Lake Tea Party are both excited, and honored, to have joined forces with numerous other Tea Party groups from across the state of Texas. This coalition of patriots, Texas Tea Parties United for Victory, will give real Constitutional Conservatives an unstoppable network of supporters and allies. Our delegates, and guests, are looking forward to taking turns working our table and meeting new patriots, while taking part in an important role in our state government, comments Geri Bently with Clear Lake Tea Party.
Voices Empower LLC. is proud to be a sponsor of this unprecedented exhibit at the RPT Convention states Alice Linahan, “we are in very important times for our state and our country, we are not going to be saved by an elected official, it is going to be “We The People” who save ourselves. As we saw in Wisconsin last night with the Scott Walker recall victory, when voters are educated on the issues and who is pulling the strings we can step up, speak out, vote and it will make a difference.
Ray Myers the key organizer of this coalition of Conservative Tea Parties says… “Our vision is to aid in the election of conservative candidates at every level – City Hall to White House.”
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