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Texas’ own Trevor Dupuy ~ An observation: “The Status Quo has Got to Go.”

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Why the Republican Establishment is Rattled | Pat Caddell and Steven Bannon

I received an e-mail from my good friend down in South Texas Trevor Dupuy with an observation I wanted to share with you because I think Trevor nailed it.

“As the tea party movement has evolved from sign waving protest rallies against irresponsible big government spending, higher taxes and over-regulation of the market and society, it has become more sophisticated in culling out the seemingly intractable reasons behind this big government conundrum.
I have concluded that the problem is a relatively small, but powerful ruling elite consisting of special interests, crony capitalists and a political class, together with a tax code based on income to facilitate it. This ruling elite or “establishment” feathers its own nest at the expense of innovation, investment, jobs and individual freedom, which are essential to a free market and “the pursuit of happiness” for ourselves and our posterity. The “establishment” is correctly becoming  the new, more focused Tea Party target. With this in mind, the tea party movement needs to adopt a new slogan: “The Status Quo has Got to Go.”  
Now you know why I do what I do. I get  to meet amazing and smart men and women from all across this country like Trevor Dupuy. Thank you Trevor for your insight and wisdom.
If you missed what Pat Caddell had to say which inspired Trevor’s observation don’t miss the opportunity to listen to it now.

Pat Caddell, Fox News Contributor joins The Victory Sessions first anniversary show with host Stephen K. Bannon to discuss the friction between the Republican base and the Republican Establishment.


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Runaway Grand Jury ….. or Runaway Justice? 

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