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Texas Leaders Sell their Souls and Texans are left paying for it…..

Corruption in Texas Politics at it’s worst. 

Remember this post from when we were warning about Joe Straus~

Well we were right and now Perry and Dewhurst are making deals.

Below is an e-mail I just received. 

“A friend sent the following along with her research on what the Rainy Day Fund really is.  It  follows under the title “Economic Stabilization Fund”.

“Yesterday in Austin, the Freshmen (you know, the fabulous conservatives we’ve all been excited about!) were split into groups for separate meetings and pressured to vote to raid the Rainy Day Fund (RDF) for $2 billion to fund the new water plan. The vote requires 100 supporters, so the freshmen votes are necessary to make it work. They are being told if they do not vote for it, the rest of the Republicans will instead make a deal with the Dems and will agree to spend $4-5 billion of the RDF instead of $2 billion. In return for their vote to raid the RDF, they are being promised cuts to the Business Margins tax, that the fetal pain bill and the campus carry bill will be sent to the floor for a vote (instead of being held up in committee), tax credits for R&D, and money from lobbyists. (These deals are all under the table). There is also an expectation that in a meeting w/ Perry on Monday he will pressure them to support this plan and in return will promise to veto any effort to raise the spending cap. Of course, these folks have made promises before and not kept them.

Corruption in Texas Politics

The pressure is immense. In a room with 10 freshmen, 8 signed pledges to support this plan. Hey, spending $2 billion is less than spending $5 billion, right? HOW ABOUT NOT SPENDING ANY??? What happened to that plan? And shame on any legislator that uses life and safety issues to manipulate others in giving them what they want.

Many of the conservative freshmen campaigned on a promise to protect the RDF and even put it in writing. If they now vote for raiding the RDF, their challengers will have a heyday with it. And not only that, it’s just not the right answer anyway!  

The vote happens at 2pm on Monday.” 

Now that you know the back room story….

Busting The Cap, Without Relief

Excerts From Michael Quinn Sullivan with Empower Texans~ Read the full article here.

“When members of the Texas House meet on Monday, they will take the next-to-last step in busting the state’s spending cap. This coming in a session that has produced no lasting budget reforms and no real tax relief, despite a biennium with the largest jump in state revenues in modern history. Worse, legislators are poised to do so with a massive draw from the rainy day fund.

Legislative leaders – from Speaker Joe Straus on down – are reportedly promising some conservatives that if they will just vote for this $2 billion draw and set the stage for busting the cap, then they will now move some of the conservatives’ legislation. Just trust them. Trust them? Isn’t this a GOP majority? Shouldn’t that conservative legislation be moving anyway? But it’s not.

Others may scheme, but we have to stand on principle, and fight with valor and integrity.

(Remember: this is the same House leadership which keeps scheming for ways to implement ObamaCare in Texas by expanding Medicaid. Another Medicaid expansion push is rumored to be on its way to the floor this week.)

 Conservative legislators voting for bad policies in the hopes of getting good legislation to move might do well to remember that selling out will rarely provide the pay-day they expect.

Others may scheme, but we have to stand on principle, and fight with valor and integrity.

Lawmakers started with a lot of promises, and even more money. They’ve blown through the cash, and are trying to grab even more. And thanks to a leadership undermining conservatives, those pledges are evaporating faster than water in August.


 Find out

Who Represents You and give them a call first thing Monday morning.

For full list of legislator profiles, click here.  

Give those Freshman a call as well and say……

Seek the Truth and Stand for the Truth. 

Stop the Back-room deals….



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