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Texans on the Ground in Virginia Beach~ #FreedomTrailer and WBTM Radio are covering it!

Texans have been on the ground knocking on doors in the critical swing state of VA with the Volunteers For Virginia project. Below is a report from Ray Myers Kaufman County Tea Party leader. 

We will wrap up in Virginia Beach today.
Church this morning –followed by a Sign Wave for Mitt Romney–This activity will be the Virginia/Texas Face book and Social Media blast pushed by Alice Linahan. We have been taking pics and some have been tweeting them to Alice. I will get my pics to her today. Check out photos click “Like” and then “Share”#FreedomTrailer Reports from Virginia Beach~ Signwave Sunday

Look for this activity from VA today in the afternoon. should be on face book and in a email blast.—Texans, as you might well expect–has made an impact.
Yesterday — Our teams knocked on several hundred doors in various areas. Our response, (four of us on our team) hit near two hundred homes and individuals on the street. It was a good day for Mitt– we report about 75% pro Mitt. The additional were Hard D’s and undecided.–This is good news– however the Dem’s are very hardcore. They have no objectivity. We tried to be respectful and question with some substance- Usually no good response from them. We plan to block-walk again this afternoon and then wrap up with a final session at the Sleep Inn this evening.
Other teams had similar responses with similar results– over all the percentages were about 65% for Mitt and 35% either undecided or Hard Dem’s.
The Virginia host have been great. Most are bunked in host homes within a 35 mi radius from the Strike Zone. We have been properly fed and bunked. The Southern hospitality is alive and well.. These folks are organized and very punctual.

Mel Moss and Rick Rose cover Texans in Virginia




Check it out: http://soc.li/aJK6bHQ

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