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Texans 3 POWERFUL VIDEOS — Take Time To Watch!

By Donna Garner

State Board Of Education Redistricting Map - Perry "Stand With Us"

Gov. Perry must make his decision about the Texas State Board of Education redistricting map this Wednesday, May 18.  Please watch these three videos and then do your part by contacting Gov. Perry’s office.

Tell Gov. Perry that you are supporting SBOE/E118 which is the map that the majority of the SBOE members preferred.  Unfortunately, the leadership of the House and Senate never allowed that map to be debated on the House and Senate floors. Instead SBOE/E120 was passed and sent to Gov. Perry’s desk.

E120 deliberately punishes the conservatives on the SBOE; yet it is the conservatives who have battled so hard to adopt the new English, Science, and Social Studies standards that are considered to be the best standards in the entire United States.

The SBOE map will be in place for the next ten years.  All Texas public school children will be impacted by the people who are elected in 2012 to the SBOE.

Governor Perry, Call from Conservative Texans, “Stand With Us”


ARENATV: SESSION UPDATE 1 with Kim Chamber speaks with Fort Bend County Tea Party activist/writer Sharon Roberts.


“Gov. Perry, please stand with us.”



Phone Numbers: 1-800-252-9600            Fax Number: 512-463-1849



Gov. Perry’s ONLINE e-mail address (Please select “I am registering my opinion.”)  http://www.governor.state.tx.us/contact/assistance.aspx

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