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Ted Cruz is Interviewed by Sonja Harris of Conservatives in Action

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Great job Sonja! Thank you for informing us about Ted Cruz candidate for the US Senate out of Texas.

Question do you think David Dewhurst could do an interview like this? Who is David Dewhurst? He is the current Lt. Governor and is said to be ready to announce he will be running against Ted Cruz. Would Dewhurst be able to sit down with a Conservative constituent and actually explain how he can run on his record?  Here is some information you should know about David Dewhurst.  LT. GOVERNOR DAVID DEWHURST, MASTER OF CEREMONIES

You would be nuts in the state of Texas to come in and say you are against drilling!” Ted Cruz, Senatorial Candidate 


Ted Cruz’s Interview with Sonja Harris of Conservatives in Action

(Video is only 5 minutes and 17 second long.)


Written by RED SONJA 


Sonja:  In an attempt to bring first hand information to you about some of our 2012 candidates I sat down and visited with Texas Senatorial candidate Ted Cruz.  Actually, I spent more like 30 minutes visiting with him.


Cruz has never run for elected office before but has a very successful record as former Texas Solicitor General.  He has a very impressive family background and other than not graduating from a Texas university, has a squeaky clean record.   He has a way about him that is pleasing and his manner of speaking is easy listening.  He seems sure of himself and is passionate and unshakable about his conservative values.  Because of his court battles he is unflappable and knowledgeable in the critical issues facing us.  I believe he would stand firm against the Obama Administration and against tyranny.

As the Solicitor General under Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, Cruz was instrumental in winning several landmark cases in the US Supreme Court and the Federal Court of Appeals.   He has personally argued cases before the US Supreme Court, such as Medellin vs Texas and successfully defended the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act in 2006.  Consequently he is well versed in understanding what it takes to win.  His knowledge and expertise will be extremely effective if he is elected to the Senate.

Cruz exemplifies the American Dream.  His father born and raised in Cuba fought in the Cuban Revolution and was imprisoned and tortured.  Ted’s grandfather got him out of prison and he fled to America in 1957 seeking freedom from oppression.  Ted’s father enrolled at theUniversity of Texas and worked hard all his life.  Ted’s parents, as small business entrepreneurs, managed a data processing company in the oil and gas field.  It was great listening to Cruz comment that his father was his ‘hero’.

Cruz was able to amass the most money to add to a war chest he will indeed require.  There is only one announced candidate seeking this Senate seat which may financially press Ted Cruz.  He is former Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert.  Leppert dug into his own pocket to come up with the most money at the end of June, the second quarter.  In my opinion the race will be among Ted Cruz, Elizabeth A Jones and Tom Leppert.  IF and that is a big IF, Lt Governor David Dewhurst decides to enter the Senatorial race then we are going to see Big Bucks flying.  Then again Dewhurst may just decide to be our Governor if Perry moves to run for the presidency.

Please take the time to share this CIA Report with any and all of your Texas friends and relatives.  We should be an informed electorate come November 2012.  Below is a summarized account of the questions I posed to Ted Cruz along with his answers:

Sonja: Have you ever held an elected office before?

Ted Cruz:   I have not. 

Sonja:   What makes you think that you are the right person for the job?

[You can hear Ted tell you in the UTube video above.  So I focused on his family background to give you an understanding as to why Cruz is so passionate about his conservative principles. ]

Ted Cruz:  I tell you Sonja for me the major motivation of why it is that I am running for US Senate has a lot to do with my family background. 

My father is from Cuba, he grew up in Cuba, was born in Cuba, and as a kid he fought in the Cuban Revolution and was thrown into prison and tortured where they almost beat my father to death.  My grandfather got him out of prison and they fled Cuba, he came to the US in 1957 he arrived in Austin, Texas to go the university of Texas he was 18 years old and did not speak a word of English.  He had no possessions and he had $100 sewn into his underwear and went and got a job as a dishwasher making .50 cents an hour and he worked 7 days a week.  He paid his way through school.  He got a job and started a small business.  He and my mother ran a small business, a data processing company in the oil and gas field.  My dad my whole life has been my hero.  And you know, when I was a kid my father used to say to me all the time, we faced oppression in Cuba I had a place to flee to.  If we lose our freedom here, where do we go?  And I tell you Sonja; there is no question that better explains why it is that I am running for US Senate then that question.  Our liberty has never been threaten, never been under assault like it is today from the Obama Administration.  We need leadership right now to stand up and defend our Liberty and to defend the Constitution and that is why I am running for US Senate.  

Sonja:  Well …from what you said you are a product of an America Dream and that is beautiful, I do think that people should know.  I think it is very important because that connects you with every American out there.  It connects you to my family… to everyone’s family history.  This is just a beautiful thing that you shared with me.

Sonja:  Are you Pro Life?

Ted Cruz:  Absolutely and I have a proven record of fighting for Life.  As the Solicitor General of Texas I led a coalition of states before the US Supreme Court defending the federal partial birth abortion ban act and we won 5-4.  I led another coalition of States before the Supreme Court defending the state of New Hampshire’s parental notification act and we won unanimously and in Texas the state legislature passed a bill called the Rider 8 which prohibited tax payer funds from going to organizations that provide abortions.  A federal district court struck that down, we appealed it to the US Court of Appeals.  I personally argued the case before the US Court of Appeals and we won unanimously reinstating that law.  

Sonja:  Your views on the Health Care Bill… I just want to know is it Constitutional or not?

Ted Cruz:  ObamaCare is unconstitutional.  President Obama arrogantly jammed that down the throats of the American people.  He disregarded the overwhelming opposition of the American people and he put in place a system that took over 1/6 of the American economy and it puts a government bureaucrat between us and our doctors.  It is wrong and needs to be repealed.  

Sonja:  With the mounting pressure for America to be part of the International Court of Justice, where would you stand if they continue this?

Ted Cruz:  You will not be surprised to know that I strongly oppose our giving jurisdiction to the International Court of Justice.  You know that fight is part of the broader fight that is going on by those who seek to undermine US sovereignty.  And make us subject to foreign law and international law.  This is an enormous problem. 

I was the Solicitor General of Texas at that time and Texas stood up and fought the World Court We went to the US Supreme Court I argued the case twice before the US Supreme Court defending Texas.  On the other side were 94 nations and the president of the United States.  The president signed a two paragraph order that attempted to order the state courts to obey the world court.  So Texas stood up and we fought the World Court.  We fought the United Nations we fought 94 nations and we fought the president of the United States and we defended US Sovereignty and we won 6-3.  

Sonja:  With the economy the way it is what do you think about the Debt Ceiling?

Ted Cruz:  My position is very clear, I would not vote to raise the debt ceiling unless three very clear conditions were met. 

#1 Substantial real cuts in the current budget and not cuts in government speak of slowing down the rate of growth cuts in terms of real significant cuts. 

#2 Enforceable spending caps going forward to reign in congress going forward 

#3 is by the most important.  That Congress pass a strong Balance Budget Amendment to the Constitution and by strong Balance Budget Amendment I mean one that requires a super majority to raise taxes and one that limits federal spending to a percentage of GDP.   

Sonja:  I noticed that Crow has been a substantial donor to your campaign.  In what capacity will you be assisting him?

Ted Cruz:  A while back someone asked what is it like telling donors what they want to hear? I actually laughed… I have not had that experience.  I am running because I have a deep set of conservative principles that I intend to fight for with every breath in my body every day I am able to serve. When I meet with any donor what I tell them these are the principles I believe.  If you share those principles I need your help.  And if you don’t, go support the other guy. If the price of getting elected and giving up my principles… I don’t want to be elected. 

Because the reason I am running is not just to be in office. There are way too many people inWashington that desperately want to be in office and will do anything to get elected and do anything to stay there.  The entire reason I am running is to fight for conservative principles.  And that is the basis of my campaign and that is why we have seen such incredible grassroots enthusiasm and support.

Sonja:  On Immigration I do know that you want to secure the border.  

Ted Cruz: Absolutely!  

Sonja:  And after you secure the border and after you become one of our senators, what do you think of the Dream Act? 

Ted Cruz: I do not support the Dream Act and categorically oppose amnesty.  I categorically oppose amnesty and I strongly support legal immigration for those that have followed the rules and come here to pursue the American dream.  

Sonja:  I wrote an article on the Sand Dune Lizard and I heard you mention that.  I believe in December they are going to make a decision on the Sand Dune Lizard and he may be able to stop all the oil drilling in West Texas.   What are your thoughts on this? 

Ted Cruz: I think this administration has been the most hostile administration in history to the oil and gas industry.  This administration… they are zealots when it comes to energy exploration and they hate the oil and gas industry.  And that does not make any sense.  I strongly support exploration drilling and seeking any and all energy sources we can domestically.  It is not in the interest of the United States to have our military which relies on energy to be able to operate and to have our economy dependent on foreign nations with very different interests then our own.  We need to support domestic exploration, Sonja. You would be nuts in the state of Texas to come in and say you are against drilling! So nobody is going to say that.   

So the difference between me and the other candidates in the race is that I have a proven record in this issue.  I will point to two things. 

First, when the Obama Administration imposed a moratorium on off shore drilling, I represented the US Chamber of Commerce and 29 Chambers in Commerce up and down the gulf coast. Challenging the Off Shore Drilling Ban in the Federal Court of Appeals and we won.  Federal Court of Appeals agreed that the Off Shore drilling ban was contrary to law.

Secondly, you mention the controversy of the lizard in West Texas which is an enormous threat by the bureaucrats in this administration trying to shut down exploration. When I was the Solicitor General of Texas I was honored to lead a coalition of states before the US Supreme Court urging the US Supreme Court to take a very similar case and to strike down the Endangered Species Act as it applied to an arroyo toad in California.  This was a toad that actually Chief Justice John Roberts, was a judge in court of Appeals.  As then John Roberts put it, a toad that happened for reasons of its own to lead its entire life in California.  And what Texas argued is that under the Commerce clause of the US Constitution, Congress does not have the authority to regulate a toad that never crosses a state boundary, that does nothing but hop about in the desert.  And we urged the Supreme Court to strike it down.   And the arroyo toad just like this lizard was being used to shut down development. 

It was being used as a tool to take away jobs at a time when millions and millions of Americans are out of a work.  You know the off shore drilling moratorium caused tens of thousands of jobs up and down the gulf coast.  High paying professional jobs that went away because a bunch of Washington DC bureaucrats wanted to shut it down.  And we need to stand up and fight against it.  

The American story Sonja, as you know everyone of us has a story in our background, us, or our parents or our grandparents, or our great grandparents and in fact let me say something more broadly because I think it is significant insight into the character of the American people.  If you think of the history of our nation for hundreds of years the American people, for hundreds of years we have formed from people from all over the world.  And the people that came here were not the smartest and they were not the richest…the people that came here, our ancestors were the one’s crazy enough to risk everything to seek freedom and opportunity.  

Our ancestors fled oppression by and large seeking freedom as a result, in my opinion, the fundamental DNA of what it means to be an American is to value freedom and opportunity above all else.  And that is also why I think the American people are rising up with the Tea Parties, rising up to oppose the Obama agenda.  

President Obama is very puzzled he does not understand why the American people, I don’t know if you saw the press conference about 6 months ago, where he said, ‘you people should be thanking me’ and he doesn’t understand why the American people oppose it.  And the reason I think is simple.   When the government takes over, the economy in our lives, what is lost is freedom of opportunity and that is the reason why I think Americans are not going to do sadly what much of Europe has done, which is willingly take the yoke of Socialism because we value freedom and opportunity too much and that is what the Tea Party is all about.  And that is what the tidal wave; the great awakening that swept the nation in 2010 and is going to continue in 2012 is all about.  Millions of Americans and millions of Texans are standing up for freedom and opportunity which is our fundamental heritage.

Sonja:  Thank you so much for spending time with me on this beautiful day here in Texas, today is July 9.   Good luck to you.

Ted Cruz:  Well thank you it was a real pleasure to talk to you.  


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