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Special Thank you to our US Veterans – Ted Cruz

Date posted: November 10, 2011


Thank You, Veterans!

Texas Senatorial Candidate Ted Cruz takes time to thank our US Veterans.

Honor, Sacrifice, Pride…….

These are American’s Veterans…

In World War ll they fought Tyranny…..

During the Cold War they battled Communism…….

In our Generation they Serve Valiantly to Defeat Radical Islamic Terrorism……..

Their Service Guarantees our Freedom……

Their Sacrifice Preserves our way of Life…..

We owe them an Infinite Debt of Gratitude…..

This Veterans Day lets give Special Thanks to the Veterans in our Lives…..

To their Families, and to all the members of our Military…..

These Men and Women have kept America’s Beacon of Liberty Shining since 1776….

They will carry the torch brightly for Generations to come……




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