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Frantz Kebreau- “Tomorrow I Will Vote for Rick Santorum-

Date posted: January 31, 2012

The Most Anti-Obama”

Another key endorsement today for Rick Santorum. Frantz Kebreau posted the following….

 Tomorrow I Will Vote for Rick Santorum-the most Anti-Obama

Romney-I voted for him in 2008 over McCain. Because Obamacare passed and Romneycare came to light, he is no longer viable. Obamacare and the individual mandate are at the center of this election.

Newt-He is a bit too undisciplined for me. I’m not sure what may come out of his mouth next. Also, I believe that he would embarrass President Obama in the debates but I also believe that such a tactic is misguided. People don’t want to see their President embarrassed. If anything, they want to see him defeated logically and intellectually. Newt has the ability to do that but his momentum is based on the assumption that he would demolish President Obama. 

Ron Paul-He would make a great Treasury Secretary. I only mention this because if you listen to his speeches, he hardly if ever mentions himself as the President. You almost never hear the typical catch phrases such as; “When I am President” or “As Commander in Chief I will…”. I don’t believe he wants to be President at all. I think he’s running in the race to promote his political ideas. As well warranted those ideas are, he must want to be President instead of Promoter.

  If you do know know who Frantz Kebreau and his wife Stephanie are you really are missing out. I have met them both and been inspired by their amazing work. 

Frantz Kebreau is the CEO of Stolen History, LLC which is an organization born from his desire to share the TRUTH with all Americans. Frantz Kebreau is a Race Relations Advocate and a regular contributor to FOX News. Read more about Frantz Kebreau 




Life Rocks/Long Sleeve/ Midnight Blue
Not only is Frantz a really cool guy he is married to a wonderful women who is the mother of their five children. She is also doing great things. 

Meet Stephanie Kebreau who is a former Miss Sweden and has launched a fun new company called Life Rocks! Frantz and Stephanie are at the forefront of the Pro-life movement. 



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