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CSCOPE: Breaking News Pat Hardy Supports Thomas Ratliff – Big Problem for Texas Children

Date posted: January 23, 2013

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See Breaking News below on Pat Hardy~ Call to Action after you find out who Thomas Ratliff is call Pat Hardy and ask her why she would support him? 



The issue of CSCOPE is very important and Donna Garner does an exceptional job of explaining the history of CSCOPE and why it is so important that we push back against CSCOPE. 

WBTM Women On The Wall Radio with Donna Garner

You can find out HERE if your district is using CSCOPE! 



  • Importance of the confirmation by the Texas Senate of Barbara Cargill as chair of the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE)

  • CSCOPE  — a highly questionable curriculum used in almost 80% of Texas public schools – operating under the radar

Excerpt from letter sent from an SBOE member to Donna Garner, 7.23.11:


 Thomas Ratliff voted for electronic instructional materials that all require Microsoft software. We even encountered prompts to download Microsoft downloads/updates to access materials.  With SB6, the Computer technology lobby bill, the SBOE determines the amount of $$ (50%) distributed to the ASF for district’s instructional material allotment.  Ratliff is even on the PSF committee that will develop the recommendation. Senate committee video/ (and registration) will show him testifying that he LOVED this bill.

  • Importance of the election of Ken Mercer as Vice Chair of the SBOE Executive Committee



SBOE Members – Pat Hardy and Thomas Ratliff

Just Breaking: In response to an e-mail asking Pat Hardy who she would be supporting for vice-chair for the SBOE. 

I will be supporting Thomas Ratliff to be selected as vice-chair for the SBOE.  Please read the attachment as it addresses false comments that are being sent on the internet.

Patricia Ann Hardy

Texas State Board of Education

District 11

1109 Roaring Springs Road

Fort Worth, Texas 76114


To listen to the 25-minute interview, please click below the title where it says in light print, “Click to play.” 


Important article on Thomas Ratliff 

“Thomas Ratliff’s Brazen Gall”


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*Note:  Janice VanCleave regularly updates her CSCOPE website:www.TxCscopeReview.com


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Kate Alexander’s Laughable Confusion

Date posted: September 2, 2011

By Donna Garner

Good old Kate Alexander of the Austin American-Statesman always tries to raise a ruckus where there is not one. However, her article in the AAS today is laughable. 

In trying to cut down Gov. Perry, Kate includes a quote from Clayton Williams that is meant to be damaging to Gov. Perry and also to the conservative leaders of the Texas State Board of Education; but instead, the quote is hilarious because it is so out of alignment with the present economic status of Texas’ healthy economy.

Next, Kate tries to inject another point of criticism at Gov. Perry but in so doing accidentally publicizes the fact that “creationism” and “Intelligent Design” are terms that are not found in Texas’ new Science standards.  Ironically it is Kate and her newspaper that led the charge against the SBOE conservatives by accusing them of producing right-wing Science standards.  What our Science TEKS actually say is that teachers and students in Texas should feel free to study and discuss the various sides of leading scientific theories.  Even the ACLU has not found fault with this requirement.  

Kate is still trying to beat up the conservative leaders of the Texas State Board of Education who managed, in spite of her insidious vilification and personal attacks, to adopt the most fact-based and patriotic Social Studies Standards (TEKS) in the entire United States (May 2010).  As one renowned history expert stated, “…they’re extremely balanced, extremely fair, and extremely thorough.”  

[To read details about the passage of the new Texas Social Studies TEKS, please  go to my article (5.22.10) entitled “Journaling the Texas State Board of Education’s Victory” 

Texas’ new English / Language Arts / Reading (ELAR) standards (passed in May 2008) are excellent. The first English / Language Arts textbooks based upon these new standards are making their way into our Texas schools as we speak; and experienced English teachers have said that they have never seen any better books that teach students explicit and comprehensive grammar, usage, correct spelling, and the skills students will need to become accomplished writers and researchers. 

Texas’ Science standards (passed in March 2009) are one-of-a-kind because the majority of the SBOE members managed to keep global warming from permeating our Texas public school standards.  

When Kate Alexander and the other liberal news media types bring up our new Texas curriculum requirements and try to reignite the firestorm that the state and national media stirred up during the heated SBOE debates, it is my pleasure to refer the public to two important resources and one insightful quote: 

(1) First is an article published by Investors Business Daily on 4.5.10 entitled “A Complete List of Bad Things Attributed to Global Warming” —  

(2)  Second is the list of over 700 well-known scientists who signed “A Scientific Dissent from Darwinism”  — 

(3)  Third is a quote from Will Lutz who wrote the following insightful statement in the last issue of  The  Lone Star Report (9.1.11):

Next, I greatly appreciate the conservative members of the Texas State Board of Education and their families who serve countless hours and endure unfair criticism.

They stood for high standards and real accountability — even when it was politically risky to do so.  They ensured our history curriculum teaches the truth that America is a beacon of freedom and hope worldwide. 

Nothing upsets me more than listening to politicians give lip service to traditional values in their campaigns, and then trying to neuter the conservatives on the State Board of Education behind-the-scenes in Austin. 


Perry’s social agenda is sometimes at odds with Texas business  

By Kate Alexander

Business leaders who write big checks to Gov. Rick Perry have often been given the opportunity to bend Perry’s ear, but that doesn’t mean the governor always listens.

Clayton Williams Jr. , the 1990 GOP gubernatorial nominee who hosted a presidential campaign fundraiser for Perry on Thursday, wrote the governor in 2008 with concerns about the State Board of Education’s coming debate over science curriculum standards.

The Midland oilman warned Perry that a big public fight over the teaching of creationism or intelligent design in Texas classrooms would be detrimental to the state’s business reputation, according to a letter obtained by the American-Statesman under the state’s open records law.

“If Texas enters into a debate on the teaching of fundamental religious beliefs in public schools, it will tarnish our strong academic reputation, set our ability to attract top science and engineering talent to Texas back decades and severely impact our reputation as a national and global leader in energy, space, medicine and other high-tech fields,” wrote Williams, who has given Perry’s gubernatorial campaigns more than $165,000 over the past decade.

“Governor, this is a very important issue for Texas. I urge you to quell this issue quietly, firmly and permanently.”

A year later, the board engaged in just the kind of high-profile cultural battle over the teaching of evolution that Williams had predicted. It garnered national headlines as board Chairman Don McLeroy declared that “someone has to stand up to the experts.”

Perry did not get publicly involved and passed up an opportunity in 2009 to replace McLeroy as chairman, who was leading the conservative charge.

Perry’s passive approach apparently didn’t bother Williams too much; he wrote two $25,000 checks to the governor’s campaign after penning the 2008 letter, in addition to hosting Thursday’s fundraiser.

For many business leaders, it was Perry’s job-creation message that drew their interest as the governor entered the presidential race in August. His announcement speech was almost entirely focused on the economy and jobs.

But during Perry’s early days on the campaign trail, he has been talking a lot about issues that appeal to socially conservative voters.

Two weeks ago, Perry made his position on evolution clear during a presidential campaign spin through New Hampshire.

He told a young boy that the theory of evolution has some gaps in it so in Texas, “we teach both creationism and evolution in our public schools — because I figure you’re smart enough to figure out which one is right,” Perry said.

Politifact Texas ruled Perry’s statement was false because creationism was not included in the science standards approved by the State Board of Education in 2009.

Perry has also said he does not think climate change is caused by human activity.

One of Perry’s rivals for the GOP presidential nomination, former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, was quick to distinguish himself from Perry on the issue of science.

“To be clear. I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming. Call me crazy,” Huntsman wrote in a Twitter post shortly after Perry’s creationism comments swept through the Internet.

Kathleen Parker , a conservative syndicated columnist, wrote last week that such views would make it difficult for Perry to win a general election.

“That we are yet again debating evolutionary theory and Earth’s origins — and that candidates now have to declare where they stand on established science — should be a signal that we are slip-sliding toward governance by emotion rather than reason,” Parker wrote last week.

Mark Jones , a political science professor at Rice University , said the business leaders who are key to Perry’s fund-raising operation understand that Perry must secure the support of social conservatives to knock U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota out of the race.

“The principal tension it creates is the extent that the business community believes he is doing this for electoral purposes versus ideological purposes,” Jones said.

Perry has taken other policy stances that some prominent Texas business leaders have opposed, such as his support for immigration-related legislation that would have banned so-called sanctuary cities.

One of the governor’s top donors, Houston homebuilder Bob Perry , pushed to stop the legislation. It didn’t pass, even though Republicans in the House and Senate said they supported it and Gov. Perry, no relation to Bob Perry, declared the measure a legislative emergency.

Jones said the fate of the sanctuary cities bill demonstrated Perry’s ability to appeal to various GOP factions while not alienating anyone.

Perry made a show of publicly pushing the sanctuary cities measure and won points with the voters concerned about immigration, Jones said, but he didn’t spend any political capital to get it passed.


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Just Breaking – Thomas Ratliff, SBOE Member, Ineligible

Date posted: August 12, 2011

By Donna Garner

Photo Courtesy of Texas Attorney General’s website

Texas has had a great victory this morning.  The Rule of Law has been upheld by Texas Attorney Greg Abbott.  His opinion can be found at the link below; but what he has basically said is that Thomas Ratliff, a registered lobbyist who sells to clients who do business with the Texas State Board of Education and with the Texas Education Agency, is ineligible to serve on the SBOE.

The AG goes even further and states that because Ratliff is ineligible even to be on the SBOE, then Ratliff’s argument in which he says he can recuse himself from certain votes involving his clients is actually mute and void because Ratliff should not be on the SBOE in the first place.    

Now, what can be done?  Thomas Ratliff can and should be impeached if he chooses not to resign from the SBOE.  

According to Texas Government Code, Section 665.001, Impeachment Proceeding, and Section 665.004 (http://www.statutes.legis.state.tx.us/Docs/GV/htm/GV.665.htm), if the Legislature is not in Session, a majority of the House (in this case 75 members because Rep. Fred Brown has resigned his seat) can sign a petition of impeachment.  Please read the remainder of the provisions in Section 665.001, etc. for details. 

With the Texas primaries coming on March 6, 2012, and early voting beginning on 2.21.12, the time is perfect for Texas legislative candidates to make their positions clear. Are they going to support the impeachment petition against  Thomas Ratliff and uphold the Rule of Law, or are they going to lack the courage to do the right thing. 

Below the excerpted AG’s opinion, I have posted links to various articles that give more information about Thomas Ratliff and his nefarious activities. 


Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott’s Notification of Opinion




Subject: Notification of Opinion (Texas Attorney General’s Office) 

Good morning: 

We issued 1 Attorney General Opinion:  

Opinion No.  GA-0876

Go to :http://www.oag.state.tx.us/opinions/opinions/50abbott/op/2011/htm/ga-0876.htm

Re: Construction of section 7.103(c), Education Code, regarding the eligibility of a registered lobbyist for membership on the State Board of Education (RQ-0948-GA)


Summary: Subsection 7.103(c), Texas Education Code, precludes certain registered lobbyists from serving on the State Board of Education (“Board”). A person who has been retained to communicate directly with the legislative or executive branch to influence legislation or administrative action in or on behalf of a profession, business, or association on a matter that pertains to or is associated or connected with any of the statutorily enumerated powers or duties of the Board is not eligible to serve on the Board. Thus, a registered lobbyist who has been paid to lobby the legislative or executive branch on a matter relating to Board business is ineligible to serve on the Board. The question of whether any person engaged in lobbying activity is ineligible under subsection 7.103(c) is a fact question that is inappropriate to an attorney general opinion. 

Absent a mechanism to cure a violation in subsection 7.103(c), we cannot advise that a member of the Board  may cure his or her ineligibility under the subsection.


8.10.11  Latest Outrage Committed by Thomas Ratliff


4.3.11 — “Thomas Ratliff’s Brazen Gall” by Donna Garner –


3.25.11 – “Who’s Behind This Mounting Pressure?”


3.15.11 — “Thomas Ratliff’s False Sense of Security” by Donna Garner




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Latest Outrage Committed by Thomas Ratliff

Date posted:

By Donna Garner 

Just when I thought Texas State Board of Education Member Thomas Ratliff could not do anything more outrageous, he has surprised me again. 

Thomas Ratliff - Registered Lobbyist - SBOE Rep.

Thomas Ratliff is a wealthy lobbyist who has worked for Microsoft for over ten years. As reported on the Texas Ethics Commission website, Ratliff has made tens of thousands of dollars from Microsoft and other education-related clients. 

The SBOE voted to ask the Texas Attorney General’s office for a ruling on whether Ratliff is eligible to be an SBOE member because of his obvious conflict of interest. The ruling is due from the AG’s office in a few short weeks.    

The Texas Education Code — Subchapter A, Section 7.103 (c) — clearly states: 

(c)  A person who is required to register as a lobbyist under Chapter 305, Government Code, by virtue of the person’s activities for compensation in or on behalf of a profession, business, or association related to the operation of the board, may not serve as a member of the board or act as the general counsel to the board.  

As if to show his utter disdain for the law, Thomas Ratliff voted blatantly at the last SBOE meeting (July 20 – 22, 2011) to approve online materials, all of which are based on Microsoft operating systems.  

Some of the science materials prompt the user to “Click here for Microsoft add-ons” which is a specific promotion of Microsoft software and technology that will be required to download in order to run various aspects of the electronic materials.

Ratliff also voted to approve computer technology and computer science courses that use Microsoft operating systems. 

Coming up in the September SBOE meeting when the SBOE members are to approve charter schools,  several of the charter school applicants plan to use Gates Foundation grants. 

Because of the increased emphasis on technology in the public schools, the SBOE is continually involved with decisions involving Gates-Microsoft.

Guess who will make a fortune if the SBOE/TEA increases the amount of its contracts with Microsoft?  Thomas Ratliff, of course  —

The SBOE is also the caretaker of the Permanent School Fund (PSF).  As reported on May 30, 2010, Microsoft was one of the PSF’s top five stocks at $157.16 million.

When questioned about his obvious conflict of interest, Thomas always likes to allude to Will Davis who served on the SBOE some years ago and was a lobbyist.  However, there is a huge difference between Thomas Ratliff being a lobbyist for Microsoft and Will Davis being a lobbyist for an insurance company that did not do any business with the SBOE nor the TEA. 

Interestingly, it was Bill Ratliff (Thomas Ratliff’s father – a Texas Senator) who was the author of SB 1 that contained the wording found in TEC, Subchapter A, Section 7.103 (c), yet his own son believes it is fine to ignore the wording passed by his father and the Texas Legislature.  

Fellow Texans, if you are as outraged as I am over this obvious conflict of interest, please submit your comments about SBOE member and lobbyist Thomas Ratliff to Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.  I have posted several articles below that will give you more information, but the main point to make is that Texans expect our elected officials to obey the Rule of Law.   

It is permissible to submit your comments by e-mail to the following addresses:greg.abbott@oag.state.tx.us or public.information@oag.state.tx.us.   When I have submitted my comments, I have also asked for a receipt of my comments to be e-mailed back to me. 

Please be sure to put the following file number in the subject line of your e-mail and also at the top of your letter:  File #ML 4667511, I. D. #46675 — Thomas Ratliff.  


4.3.11 — “Thomas Ratliff’s Brazen Gall” by Donna Garner —  

3.25.11 – “Who’s Behind This Mounting Pressure?”  

3.15.11 — “Thomas Ratliff’s False Sense of Security” by Donna Garner






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Date posted: July 31, 2011

Ken Mercer 

Member: Texas State Board of Education

Former Member: Texas State House




Ken Mercer Responds to  

Editorial Board  

(Op-Ed Submission to San Antonio Express-News)

Thank you for allowing me to respond to your editorial in which you referred to me as a conservative ‘zealot” on the State Board of Education (SBOE). 

 True, I will not always agree 100% with academic “experts” who come before the SBOE.  True, there is a “culture war” of political ideology and philosophy, especially in the area of new standards for American History, Government, and Economics. 

It might interest members of the Chamber of Commerce to know that “experts” had deleted every reference to the free enterprise and free market system in the K through Grade 12 draft version of the Social Studies standards. 

Because I certainly could not agree with these “experts,” I successfully brought forward and passed the amendment, complying with Texas law, to restore the teaching of the positive benefits of the free market for creating jobs and opportunities. 

Another example: A panel of university “experts,” led by a professor from the University of Texas at El Paso, voted 8-1 against American Exceptionalism.  When I questioned that action at a public SBOE hearing, the “expert” immediately launched into a lecture about how wonderful Socialism is in a “good democracy.” 

When I asked the UTEP professor for his example of a good democracy, he replied “Venezuela.”  I reminded him that the President of Venezuela has made sure that the state has control of every newspaper, radio, and television station in that country. 

One Ph.D.  “expert” testified that “high school students are unqualified to ask questions.”  I countered that if our children are no longer allowed to raise their hands in class and ask honest questions, then we are no longer living in a place called the United States of America. 

A professor from the University of Texas at Austin shared a survey that included 51 professors from the History Department.  Fifty answered “Democrat” when asked their political affiliation.  

While we SBOE members were searching for examples of good role models for our minority students, one “expert” pushed for a current board member of the Democrat Socialist Party of America.  My amendment deleted the Socialist and added Navy Seaman Philip Bazaar, the first Hispanic recipient of the Medal of Honor, and Army Sgt. William Carney, the first African-American recipient of the Medal of Honor.

Finally, “experts” deleted Veteran’s Day, Independence Day, and the Liberty Bell from the Grades 3-4 Social Studies standards.  “Experts” also raised a concern about the use of the word “patriot” in the new standards. 

 My fellow Conservatives and I carried the amendments to restore the coverage of Veteran’s Day, Independence Day, and the Liberty Bell along with many other essential historical elements of America’s history, such as including the word “patriot.”   

I also voted to ensure that from K-12, as age appropriate, our students will actually read and study the authorship and purpose of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution.  Our Texas school students will also study the impact those documents had on such historical milestones as the Emancipation Proclamation and women’s suffrage. 

I am sad to report that too many university “experts” range from being America bashers to America haters.  Unfortunately this editorial board blindly sides only with those types of “experts.” 

I often state, “The Far Left is scared to death of a place called Texas.”  Why?  Texas has an elected SBOE, not a politically appointed board.


I am a representative of 1.8 million constituents in a very conservative district, and I am not a rubber stamp for the agenda being directed at our public school students by the “Far Left zealots.”




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