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Texas Grassroots Leaders demand Gov. Rick Perry take Action – Illegal Immigration

Date posted: October 14, 2011

A coalition of Texas grassroots leaders addressed the “no response” from Governor Perry and delivered significant legislative support for their efforts to ban sanctuary cities in Texas. Leaders have once again renew their call for Governor Perry to act on his unfinished business.

From Fox News Latino

“Governor Perry’s decided, apparently, that he just needs to keep pointing the finger at Washington D.C., which absolves him of any responsibility,” said JoAnn Fleming, chairwoman of the Tea Party Caucus Advisory Committee of the Texas Legislature.

Perry supports expanding police power as a means of detecting illegal immigrants, and made the issue a priority at the start of the legislative session in January — seemingly fast-tracking its passage. Republicans hold a super-majority in the House, which passed the measure during the regular session, and a majority in the Senate, which approved another version of it during a special session in June.

The measures were fiercely opposed by Democrats, and neither made it through both houses in the same session to become law. Now the Legislature is not scheduled to meet again until January 2013.

Thursday’s activists had held a similar news conference in September and made virtually the same demands.

“We do not intend to go away,” Fleming said this time.

She said 16 Republican senators have now promised to vote in favor of the measure should it be revived — enough to pass the 31-seat chamber. She said Republicans in the House could then easily pass the bill, if Perry convenes a second special session.

“Because we have House support and the votes we need in the Senate, the governor has no excuse,” Fleming said.

Here is video from the Texas Grassroots Leaders press conference that the media won’t show you, but you need to be aware of.

In video is Maria Espinoza with The Remembrance Project  and the parents of Joshua Wilkerson, 18
Murdered by Hermilo Moralez, 19, an illegal alien from Belize, arrested for the brutal murder of Joshua Wilkerson, 18, of Pearland, TX.

Police say Moralez has confessed to murdering Wilkerson, who reported was a friend of Moralez and gave Moralez a ride home. Police also stated that they believe Wilkerson was first murdered, then bound and moved to a field where his body was set on fire.

Texas at Risk: Illegal Immigration, Sanctuary Cities

High Cost of Ignoring the Rule of Law

by JoAnn Fleming –Chair, Citizen Advisory Committee to the Texas Legislature’s TEA Party Caucus

Executive Director (volunteer), Grassroots America – We the People

While you were watching the out-of-control spending, new federal regulations, and national debt dramas play out in Washington, DC, your state legislature failed in the regular session (January – May) and in the special session (June) to end sanctuary cities in Texas. As the Republican leadership of the Texas House and Senate played political games to run out the clock, Alabama, South Carolina, and Louisiana joined a growing list of states whose legislatures and governors took decisive action to protect their citizens and legal immigrants. Texas now sits in the shadow of those “rule of law” states.

 “Sanctuary” is a term used to identify a city or county that follows certain practices to protect illegal immigrants. The practices employed to ignore the rule of law come by way of local ordinances or simply by habit. The elected officials presiding over these safe harbors do not allow local law enforcement to inquire about legal status while enforcing other laws, nor do they allow government employees to inquire about legal status while doling out taxpayer-funded services.

While border security is indeed a federal issue, the interior enforcement of the rule of law is very much a state matter. It is the constitutional responsibility of a state to protect the life, liberty, and property of its citizens and legal residents.

Why should the sanctuary cities issue matter to you? Read more…….


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