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Today’s Rasmussen poll – Santorum moving ahead

Date posted: February 3, 2012

Rick Santorum

By Donna Garner 

The good thing about Rasmussen and his pollsters is that they pollregistered voters – the people who will most likely go into the voting booth and vote for a President.  

Today’s most recent poll results are very encouraging for Rick Santorum because even though Rasmussen deliberately skewed the poll results to include more Democrats than Republicans (30% Democrats and only 23% Republicans), the results put Santorum with 26% favorable and only 27% unfavorable.  

This proves that Santorum is respected even among the more liberal and/or independent voters. After we get past the primaries, our Republican candidate will need to have broad appeal going into the General Election. 

Evidently Rasmussen deliberately set up the poll specifications to be able to weigh the electability factor across party lines, and Santorum came out ahead of any of the other Republican candidates.    

Santorum’s integrity, strong family values, experience, voting record, and outspoken conservatism are quite appealing to a large percentage of Americans who are desperate for a real leader in the White House – someone they can trust and respect.  

Results in today’s Rasmussen poll (deliberately skewed to sample more Democrats than Republicans) —  

Santorum – 26% (favorable) to 27% (unfavorable) – minus 1

Romney – 31% (favorable) to 36% (unfavorable) – minus 5

Gingrich – 22% (favorable) to 48% (unfavorable) – minus 26

Ron Paul – 26% (favorable) to 32% (unfavorable) – minus 6


Head to head with Obama: 

Obama (46%) – Romney (45%) – 1 point

Obama (46%) – Santorum (44%) – 2 points

Obama (49%) – Gingrich (41%) – 8 points

Obama (45%) – Ron Paul (42%)  — 3 points  

2.2.12 – The Weekly Standard – “Rasmussen: Obama Leads Romney by 1, Santorum by 2” —


1.27.12 – “The Last Man Standing” – by Donna Garner 

Below is a great set of videos of  Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum from Florida.

Here is your call to action; Watch all 10 and pass them on.

These videos will change hearts and minds!!  

Is there a Florida Surprise in the works? Whatever happens in Florida the blessing is Rick Santorum is in it for the long haul!


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To learn more about former Senator Rick Santorum, please visit www.RickSantorum.com.


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