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Voices Empower/Alice Linahan Texas Republican Run-Off Favorites

Date posted: July 19, 2012

Yesterday Alice Linahan was asked to share her picks for the Texas Runoff Republican Primary July 31st. Below are some of her favorites. This is not a list of all races. Just the ones she feels she can give an educated opinion on.

Just an FYI~

All Texans can find their early voting location and election day polling location by cliking on this link https://team1.sos.state.tx.us/voterws/viw/faces/SearchSelectionPolling.jsp

Early Voting: July 23-27


July 31st Republican Primary Runoff Endorsements

Will be updating with more information but here is the start!! Photo’s and race info courtesy of Liberal Texas Tribune. They are actually great data collectors.


Ted Cruz is clearly the choice in this race. Click on the photos for more information.

Supreme Court of Texas Place 4

Click Photo to see Medina’s Dubious Record! #ChooseDevine 


Dr. Donna Campbell is a champion for “We The People” I #ChooseCampbell

your vote counts#Choose

Texas Railroad Commission Place 1 ~ Christi Craddick

Texas Railroad Commission Place 2 ~ Gregory Parker

Texas House District 11 (HD-11)~ Travis Claridy

Texas House District 67 (HD-67) ~ Jeff Leach

Texas House District 68 (HD-68)~ Drew Springer

Texas House District 88 (HD-88)~ Jim Landtroop

Texas House District 91 (HD-91)~ Stephanie Klick

State Board of Education District 12 (SBOE-12) ~ Gail Spurlock

U.S. House District 25 (CD-25) ~ Wes Riddle

U.S. House District 14 (CD-14) ~Randy Weber

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Date posted: May 21, 2011

Well it looks like we were right, first Gambling Bill passed by the Texas Legislature

HB254 was just sent to Gov. Perry’s desk.  This bill was authored by Rep. Harvey Hilderbran(R – Kerrville ).  He has tried to make his bill look very innocent:  Who could possibly object torace track derbies?  However, it is only one tiny babystep to introduce and pass legislation that would allow slots at race tracks which would turn the race track derbies into “racinos.”

Slot Machine Joe Has Got To Go

Be sure and read Kudos to GOP Senators: They Smell Gambling on the Horizon 

By this time, many Texans know that Speaker of the House Joe Straus and his family have made a fortune from their gambling interests. He and/or his family own Retama Park in Selma (near San Antonio), Laredo Downs, Valle de los Tesoros Park inMcAllen, and Austin Jockey Club.

It is also common knowledge that land has already been bought in Austin along FM 1625 at Texas Highway 45 and Old Lockhart Road to set up a racetrack called Longhorn Downs; Retama Entertainment Group (Straus’ family) is to manage it.

Straus and his family want to turn their race tracks into major slot machine casinos called “racinos” which could potentially make tens of millions of dollars. The only impediment is Texas lawmakers who have yet to approve slot machines (VLT’s).

The official record vote in the journal is not available yet, but this is the link to which we will need to go in the next couple of days to see how the Senate voted on this bill:   http://www.capitol.state.tx.us/BillLookup/Actions.aspx?LegSess=82R&Bill=HB254


Meanwhile, we know how the House voted on it for its Third Reading :



 May 13, 2011:



(by Hilderbran and R. Anderson)

 HB 254, A bill to be entitled An Act relating to establishing the Texas Derbies.

HBi254 was passed by (Record 1064): 101 Yeas, 34 Nays, 2 Present, not


Yeas — Aliseda; Allen; Alonzo; Alvarado; Anchia; Anderson, C.;

Anderson, R.; Aycock; Bohac; Branch; Burkett; Cain; Callegari; Castro;

Coleman; Crownover; Darby; Davis, J.; Davis, S.; Deshotel; Driver; Dukes;

Dutton; Eiland; Eissler; Elkins; Farias; Farrar; Fletcher; Gallego; Garza;

Gonzales, L.; Gonzales, V.; Gonzalez; Guillen; Hamilton ; Hardcastle; Harless;

Harper-Brown; Hernandez Luna; Hilderbran; Hochberg; Hopson; Howard, C.;

Howard, D.; Hunter; Isaac; Jackson; Johnson; King, P.; King, T.; Kleinschmidt;

Kolkhorst; Kuempel; Larson; Legler; Lewis; Lucio; Lyne; Madden; Mallory

Caraway; Margo; Martinez ; Martinez Fischer; McClendon; Menendez; Miles;

Miller, D.; Miller, S.; Morrison; Mun˜oz; Murphy; Naishtat; Nash; Oliveira; Orr;

Pen˜ a; Pitts; Price; Quintanilla; Raymond; Riddle; Ritter; Rodriguez; Scott;

Sheets; Sheffield ; Smith, W.; Smithee; Strama; Taylor, L.; Taylor, V.; Thompson;

Torres; Truitt; Villarreal; Vo; Walle; White; Woolley; Zerwas.

Nays — Beck; Berman; Brown; Button; Carter; Chisum; Christian; Cook;

Craddick; Creighton; Flynn; Frullo; Gooden; Hancock; Hartnett; Huberty;

Hughes; Keffer; Landtroop; Laubenberg; Lavender; Parker; Patrick; Paxton;

Perry; Phillips; Schwertner; Shelton ; Simpson; Smith, T.; Solomons; Weber;

Workman; Zedler.

 Present, not voting—Mr. Speaker; Bonnen(C).

Absent, Excused — Geren; Giddings; Gutierrez; King, S.; Lozano; Marquez; Veasey.

Absent, Excused, Committee Meeting—Otto; Turner.

Absent—Burnam; Davis , Y.; Pickett; Reynolds.

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