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Private Emails From Texas Speaker Joe Straus’s Office Reveal War Against Conservatives

Date posted: November 18, 2012

Slot Machine Joe StrausPrivate Emails from Texas Speaker Joe Straus’s Office Reveal War against Conservatives

These e-mails from the redistricting process shed new light on just how dismissive the Straus team was of Republican Party and conservative efforts to draw more fair districts – and should serve as a warning bell to the new House that it is time for Straus to go.”

Ray Myers Response:

Many conservatives were named in hot mails sent by the Straus crew. It continues to astound me that the Straus magic spell has captivated —Reps like Dan Flynn, Cindy Burkett and Phil King. These Reps seem shaky at best as allies for the grass roots. They stood strong in Speaker Showdown 1—but seemed to have fallen off the wagon. Money talks BS walks—the bad news is they have compromised their principles and have started downing the cool-aid.—I have stated in the past—

“Politics is,  Money and PowerStraus has concocted an intoxicating potion with the promise of Committee power and his lure of Lobby money.  God knows that I hope that I am wrong—but—they have not pledged their support for Conservative candidate for Speaker, Bryan Hughes.  

Word is—they are tired of being “Back Benchers!” 

Well —DUH—who put you on the back of the bench?

Tea Party TexGuess it is time to kiss up to Slot Machine Joe, Boss Joe, or God Father Joe.  Just remember how the Straus Team trashed the Grass Roots. Check out the emails in the article below. I have the honor of being one of the idiots.  I am in great company—Ken Paxton-Wayne Christian and a host of other nut-jobs are highlighted by the Straus Team. I can’t wait for them to trash Tea Party Tex—Maybe Joe can get his buddy “Big Jolly” to trash Tea Party Tex. Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In closing the Straus team called us stupid, idiots and MF’s – The grass roots teams will not forget this and it makes our resolve even stronger. Even some of the fore mentioned Reps have stated that we (the grassroots) are messing up their inside the park ball game and we were not welcome in the Capitol Ball Park. Guess they forgot that we have the legal right to step up to the plate.  

It is time to play ball!!

Speaker Showdown 2.—Strap on your game face—Tea Party Tex is hitting clean-up!

See Red State and the Straus War against Conservatives: 

Excerpts from the Red State article:

RedState has uncovered never-before-seen, profanity-laden e-mails between senior staff and legislative lieutenants of Texas’ liberal GOP House Speaker Joe Straus demonstrating disrespect for, and even hostility towards, grassroots activists and conservative lawmakers.

Tea party activists are called “idiots,” allies of U.S. Rep. Joe Barton are called “mother f***ers,” and decorated U.S. Marine and State Rep. Van Taylor is dismissed as “stupid,” by a top Straus political strategist. 

The problem was that legislators clearly knew supporting Joe Straus was politically dangerous leaving the 2011 legislative session and preparing for 2012’s elections. (As noted, record numbers of Straus allies lost re-election bids, while others — like Mr. Solomons — chose to retire rather than lose primaries.) As a result, House members refused to sign the traditional “pledge cards” to the incumbent speaker for the next session.

Similarly, when Straus adviser Eric Opiela forwarded along information from a Tea Party activist,Straus consultant and close friend Gordon Johnson wrote that they were “doing battle with idiots.”

Apparently one such “idiot” was Kaufman County Tea Party chairman Ray Myers who called Straus’ office upset by the previously mentioned pairing of Mr. Flynn and Mr. Cain. An email describing the call by Straus aide Tyler Rutherford inconveniently noted that Myers said House Speaker Joe Straus “promised through a surrogate not to do this.”

Reminding Mr. Straus and his allies of their promises clearly wasn’t welcome.”
For the full article please go here.   

If you ready to take a stand please with Tea Party Tex then help us spread the word about the Texas Speaker Showdown II January 7th and 8th at the Texas Capital.  

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Knowledge is Power and together we can make the difference!!

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Texans on the Ground in Virginia Beach~ #FreedomTrailer and WBTM Radio are covering it!

Date posted: October 7, 2012

Texans have been on the ground knocking on doors in the critical swing state of VA with the Volunteers For Virginia project. Below is a report from Ray Myers Kaufman County Tea Party leader. 

We will wrap up in Virginia Beach today.
Church this morning –followed by a Sign Wave for Mitt Romney–This activity will be the Virginia/Texas Face book and Social Media blast pushed by Alice Linahan. We have been taking pics and some have been tweeting them to Alice. I will get my pics to her today. Check out photos click “Like” and then “Share”#FreedomTrailer Reports from Virginia Beach~ Signwave Sunday

Look for this activity from VA today in the afternoon. should be on face book and in a email blast.—Texans, as you might well expect–has made an impact.
Yesterday — Our teams knocked on several hundred doors in various areas. Our response, (four of us on our team) hit near two hundred homes and individuals on the street. It was a good day for Mitt– we report about 75% pro Mitt. The additional were Hard D’s and undecided.–This is good news– however the Dem’s are very hardcore. They have no objectivity. We tried to be respectful and question with some substance- Usually no good response from them. We plan to block-walk again this afternoon and then wrap up with a final session at the Sleep Inn this evening.
Other teams had similar responses with similar results– over all the percentages were about 65% for Mitt and 35% either undecided or Hard Dem’s.
The Virginia host have been great. Most are bunked in host homes within a 35 mi radius from the Strike Zone. We have been properly fed and bunked. The Southern hospitality is alive and well.. These folks are organized and very punctual.

Mel Moss and Rick Rose cover Texans in Virginia




Check it out: http://soc.li/aJK6bHQ

Knowledge is Power and together we can make the difference!!

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