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News Conference – Texas Grassroots Leaders Deliver “Open Letter to Governor Rick Perry”

Date posted: September 18, 2011



Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore

Contact:  JoAnn Fleming, Chair of the Texas Legislature’s TEA Party Caucus Advisory Committee and volunteer Executive Director, Grassroots America – We the People 


What: News Conference – Texas Grassroots Leaders Deliver “Open Letter to Governor Rick Perry”

Subject: Governor Perry and the Unfinished Business of the Texas Legislature:  Interior Enforcement of Illegal Immigration Laws and Ending Sanctuary Cities

Where: Texas State Capitol, Speaker’s Press Room

When: Monday, September 19th, 11:00 am

At the close of the 2011 regular and special legislative sessions, a broad coalition of local grassroots organizations in Texas signed an open letter calling on Texas Governor Rick Perry to address the urgent unfinished business of emergency legislation personally identified by Governor Perry at the beginning of the 82nd legislative session – namely, a ban on “sanctuary city” policies in Texas.  Since the letter was posted, over 3,000 local activists have signed on to the letter, including representatives of over 100 local tea party, 9-12 and related grassroots groups.  Some of the signers will be present to address media questions before personally delivering the letters to Governor Perry’s office. A copy of the letter will also be forwarded to his campaign for President.

Two of the leaders who will speak at the news conference:

Maria Espinoza, Co-Founder of The Remembrance Project

“My father migrated from Mexico, legally, and became a U.S. citizen. He came to the US because he knew the great opportunities America offered.   Today, things are very wrong in Texas! Our elected officials have failed to serve and protect citizens and legal residents of Texas. They have failed to remove sanctuary city policies throughout Texas. They have failed to enforce the law. They should protect our Texas families and those who protect us – law enforcement officers. Sanctuary city policies have cost the lives of five Houston police officers and left another officer seriously impaired.   It is time our state officials took care of this unfinished business.”  


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