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Stick with Rick Santorum in Michigan your vote matters!

Date posted: February 24, 2012

It is clearly “We The People” ~VS~ The Pundits 

By Donna Garner

Michigan – 

I have just been notified by the Santorum campaign that he is within 100 votes of winning the poll results in Michigan. They are asking for us to call/contact anyone and everyone we know in Michigan and ask them to support Santorum. 

Romney is pouring money into the state, but Santorum can win this race because of the strong grassroots support of those who are opposed to the Republican establishment’s candidate (Romney).   

The liberal-left news media and the Obama administration also want Romney. They believe Obama can easily defeat Romney because of Romney’s “multiple personalities” and “double speak” that he has so often displayed throughout his political years. 

Romney is not a conservative; Rick Santorum is and has the passion, commitment, life experiences, and consistent voting record to prove it. Santorum is the people’s candidate. 

We the People care about social issues because everything that touches society ends up impacting our culture, our families, and our pocketbooks. 

We do not want Ron Paul and Karl Rove choosing our candidate for us.  

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have Rick Santorum in the White House?   

Just imagine how refreshing it would be to have someone there who is Godly, honest, and transparent; a man who loves others more than himself; a leader who wants to preserve traditional marriage and who honors the sanctity of life; a man who wants children to be taught to love and honor America – to believe that we indeed are an exceptional nation that is ordained by God to be a blessing to the world; a person who desires for our teens to live healthy lifestyles by being abstinent until marriage; a leader who wants to put America’s house in order by creating good jobs and paying down the debt; and someone who understands that evil exists and that we must work to defeat those who wish to destroy Israel and the United States.   

Please make those contacts to Michigan friends right now:  “Stick with Rick.” 

Rick Santorum’s Made in the USA Plan Changes Everything, he is fighting for US! 


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