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Rick Santorum stays in the pocket of faith……..

Date posted: March 7, 2012

By Alice Linahan

Through out this presidential primary it has truly been a season of blessings.

I had a wonderful phone call this morning with my friend Weston Hicks and he described living in a pocket of faith. The visual so clearly defined for me the miracle of where Senator Rick Santorum is today a day after  “defying expectations and stunning pundits across the country, with decisive wins in Oklahoma, Tennessee, North Dakota and almost winning a stunning upset in Ohio despite being outspent 12 to 1.”

The Pocket of Faith~ Think of it as:

The passing pocket  a term used in football to describe the area in the backfield that is created on a passing play where the offensive line forms a wall of protection around the quarterback to protect him. This allows him adequate time to find an open receiver and to pass the ball. The offensive line will drop back slightly, creating a protected area for the quarterback to find an open receiver and get rid of the ball. If he is unable to find an open receiver he will attempt to run the ball himself, throw the ball out of bounds to prevent a sack and/or turnover, or if there is no lane, he would collapse to the ground to protect the ball and try to avoid a fumble.

I have heard amazing stories from the people who surround Rick Santorum and witnessed first hand God “workin’ it”. “Angel Bella” Santorum a Texas Blessing the Media did not cover  

One of my favorite warriors in the battle is my dear friend Lisa Graas who has from the beginning been one of the top influences for people who support Rick Santorum. She was who convinced me Rick was not only a great man but the man to lead our country. Follow her blog Catholic Bandita  to be a well educated voter and influenced not only by Rick Santorum but by Christ himself. I believe she has a direct line and is definitely one who is on the offensive line forming the wall of protection around Rick Santorum.

Next is Shelley Ahlersmeyer a follower of Christ who is Rick’s national Grassroots coordinator. She is a mother of five and works tirelessly organizing the grassroots. It is amazing to see what she has done and from my conversations with her she completely understands that God is Workin’ it for Rick Santorum. She is another key offensive lineman for the Santorum faith pocket.

Michelle Smith, Santorum’s Texas Coalitions coordinator. Her story is so wonderful and amazing and I hope she will write it all down soon so I can post it. If you read some of her posts on facebook such as this you know she is in the battle for all the right reasons. Michelle provides a faith pocket key to the Santorum Team.

“Real growth in grace is the result of sanctified trials. God often takes away our comforts and our privileges in order to make us better Christians. He trains his soldiers, not in tents of ease and luxury, but by turning them out and using them to forced marches and hard service.Trials make the promise sweet…”

I also know some amazing people like the young Jewish men below who are supporters of Rick Santorum. They came to meet Senator Santorum at the Texas event held in Feb. in Plano. They understand that Israel has no better friend than Rick Santorum.

Santorum at AIPAC: “If Iran Doesn’t Get Rid of Nuclear Facilities, We’ll Tear Them Down Ourselves”

Washington, DC – On this all-important Super Tuesday, Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum stepped away from the campaign trail to personally address the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in Washington, DC regarding the vital national security threat facing both the United States and Israel.

From what we all see playing out across this country, I know that God is bringing Americans of all faiths and backgrounds to form a “pocket of faith” around Rick Santorum.

Rick is the only candidate who can bring together 4 major voting blocks that if  we vote we beat Barack Obama.
1. Catholics
2. Evangelicals
3. Jews (Strongest on Israel) Jews for Rick Santorum: US Needs to Do More Than Talk on Iran
4. Blue Collar Manufacturing workers.  My Economic Freedom Agenda

Below is video of some of Santorum’s remarks before the group of Pastors:

“Santorum is a man of strong personal faith, and that comes across in his words. Santorum said it is not his role to be “Pastor of the United States,” but that he wants to stand and fight for religious freedom in America.” 


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